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Most Dangerous Comic

I actually saw this eposide when it was on TV. The guy must literally have cajones of steel.


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    Let's play a game. I like to call this game "Guess how many days ago Scott saw that".

    Also, I didn't think this was so great. His whole act is hyping up a stunt to be incredibly dangerous. In reality, it's not that dangerous or exciting.
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  • It reminds me of the juggler guy that we (well a few of the FRC) walked past in NYC after going to see Howl's Moving Castle. He spent a lot of time hyping himself up, just to do this quick 10 second "dangerous" stunt. I think he was balancing on something while juggling a big knife, torch and something heavy while eating an apple.

    It ended up being rather disapointing once he finally did the stunt he had been hyping up.
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