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Gaming Con at Rym and Scott's House.

edited July 2006 in Board Games
Since Rym and Scott 1) know what it takes to have a great con and 2) are masters of gaming generally, I boldly propose that they have a GeekNights Con for listeners at their house in New York! They could charge admission and people could stay at local hotels and then converge on their place during the day. From what they say, they do this anyway every weekend with the members of the Front Row Crew, why would be any different to add a hundred more people and charge admission?

What do you think?


  • I think it would work at a hotel in a room we rent out, but not at our house. Also, I think we go to enough cons that if people want to meet us, they can. If the town of Beacon, where we live, builds a convention center we will likely create a brand new geek con there, but it won't be a GeekNights con. We will probably have to call it Bea-Con. Also, GeekNights isn't yet big enough to justify its own convention. When we're as big as Penny Arcade we'll start to think about it.
  • haha Bea-Con that's a good one
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