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Booh yah!



  • I finally broke the weird mental block I had with the Tic Tac in parkour. I'm still not good at it, but I can make it useful now. (Obviously, this video is just a demonstration, and isn't me.)

    Not only that, but I'm to the point where I can trivially scale an eight foot wall in a few seconds. Above that I can still get over up to about ten or eleven feet, but I have to pull myself up from a "cat" position, which I'm not so good at yet. Go me. :>
  • I don't live with my mom anymore! ^_^
  • I had my first job interview, which will hopefully lead to my first job offer, and then moving out.
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    I'm probably interviewing with the JPL this week for an internship.
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  • I had a good interview at Lincoln Labs recently.
  • I'm probably interviewing with the JPL this week for an internship.
    I'm jealous.
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    Quit my boring as day job (although technically i worked nights and weekends..) this past week and am doing freelance animation and 3d modeling!

    It's gonna feel so weird not having to go to work tomorrow... But in any case, yay me! (I guess. Let's hope it works out)
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  • I got a college kid as an intern to boss around.

    ...he's better at rigging than I am and he knows MEL script. Damn.
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    I got a college kid as an intern to boss around.

    ...he's better at rigging than I am and he knows MEL script. Damn.
    I know what you mean.

    David Wright is 8 months younger than me, and he's the All-Star third basemen for the Mets. He was even on the Daily Show, and Jon Stewart said he wanted to BE him.

    Lewis Hamilton is 3 years my younger, and he's probably going to be the Formula 1 champion this year. Sebastian Vettel is 5 yeras younger than I am, which is one year younger than my brother, and he just won the 2008 Italian Grand Prix making him the youngest F1 qualifier and race winner ever.

    John Resig is two years younger than me. He was at RIT at the same time I was, and I met him a few times. He was the guy who made the ever popular schedule maker. He went on to make JQuery which is something I use. He works for Mozilla on Javascript and Firebug related matters. Oh, and I don't think he actually technically graduated from RIT yet.

    There are some people who start kicking ass in life start kicking ass around 23-25. Once you are about 25 years old, if you haven't kicked ass yet, you have to get used to the fact that people younger than you are going to be better than you. It's upsetting because as a child everyone who is great is older than you. Thus, you feel like the only reason you aren't awesome is because you aren't old enough yet. When people younger than you are awesome, you feel like you've missed the boat.

    I'm not worried about it, though. I see old guys like the ones in this forum, and I know I'm doing alright.
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    I kick ass! I kick lotsa ass! And I model pretty well, too.

    edit: As far as people who are hyper talented, there have always been younger kids I noticed that were better at art or sports or something than I was. That hasn't really changed with age. Even people who are really awesome have people that they look up to, even if those people aren't younger. Besides, I got over that "they are younger but better" complex super big time when I met this kid in school was was really good at both animation and programming even when he was a freshman, and then went on to work at Pixar. It's just a reality. Instead of trying to be "more awesome than so-and-so" I just try to be "more awesome every day."
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  • Although a little friendly competition doesn't hurt.
  • Yeah, sure. But if you get bummed if there is anyone better than you, just remember, there is always DaVinci.
  • I used to get bummed by things like that when I was in middle and high school. I got over it with time. Besides, when someone is younger and more awesome at something there's always one area I am more awesome at.

    (continues to kick my BF's ass at Brawl.)
  • Every time i see someone better than I, I usually either a) get excited about the challenge and try to bring myself to their level or b) just recognize their sheer awesomeness and enjoy watching them do what they do; although this usually applies to when I see Olympian-type athletes or people in fields that I'm not involved in. Michael Phelps is my age, and look at what he's done.I don't bum out about how I've wasted my life or something. I just sit back and enjoy the show : )
  • When you get older you just hafta play the experience card. Sure the young guns are gonna have a few feats of awesome here and there, but older people have a greater average awesome since they usually make fewer mistakes (ie have already made the mistakes).
  • So back to topic...

    I must be one of the only people in the UK to own a copy of the Magic Burner, arrived today and am stoked because the company I bought it off stated "The United States Postal Service (USPS) does not offer guarantees or supply tracking information on international shipments." and goes on to basically state your buggered if anything goes wrong - but i had to have it!

    If your wanting actually achievements I've been learning guitar for about 6 months and being able to play along with even a few of your favourite songs and create new riffs is awesome!
  • Have to spend $2700 on a new car engine since the one I have blew up. booh....
  • Everything was successfully transported from my house to our apartment!
  • I managed to get most of the commands I run on my home server when it starts up into a single script. This makes crashes so much easier to deal with.
  • I have another interview soon.
  • I am in a band for the first time in years!!!! Hooray for creative outlets!
  • I managed to pass the push-up part of my physical fitness test for the first time. Bonus points: I don't have to take it again due to my grade level.
  • Nice. I got a second job, and am working on a third. Remember that Geeknights episode on laziness? How Scrym talked about "doing the absolute minimum to accomplish one's goals"? Well, My absolute minimum (yes, I am terribly lazy) shall be working three jobs, so I can buy a car, go to Japan, and make my current residence into a Geekhaus.
  • I'm reviving this thread because I just did something that I had given up for impossible years ago.

    I baked perfect cookies.

    I decided to make a few modifications to the basic Quaker Oats cookie recipie (subsituted egg whites for whole eggs, mini chocolate chips for rasins, and made them bite-sized). I never expected them to turn out this well. Seriously, they're completely cooled, and the chocolate chips are still gooey.

    Now I'm off to play DDR for the next hour because I ate too many.
  • I got a second job recently!
  • I got a second job recently!
    Awesome! Doing what?
  • -I don't smoke cigars, but I'm in the process of rejuvenating a humidor of about 50 really high quality ones. It smells great, and I'm learning a lot, even if that knowledge won't necessarily be applied anywhere.

    -My sketchbook is getting filled with lots of interesting writing and sketches. Couple this with the fact that the improv troupe I lead and coach is improving a LOT, and I am now torn between being an engineer of some sort and doing creative writing/Second City stuff my entire life, with maybe the odd comic here and there.
  • I got a second job recently!
    Awesome! Doing what?
    Working at a nursing home.
  • I'm considering taking a work from home data entry job for one simple reason - the way it seems, the job could conceivably be done by a reasonably small perl or python script, and even if I did the work by hand, I could pull down 350 to 1050 GBP per week. Rest assured, I am looking into this very closely.
  • @Chubra: Data entry is incredibly boring. My sister did it and it mostly consists of taking data from paper and putting it into computers.. all day.
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