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I don't want a DS, but I do.

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I hear you guys keep talking about the DS and all of these entertaining games for it. I currently don't have a gaming system, the PS2 that I had in NY I didn't own, and I miss gaming. Is the DS really worth it?


  • Yes! It's absolutely worth it. The DS, despite being a handheld, holds it own as a primary gaming system. The DS game library is chock full of awesome, not to mention the extensive GBA library it has available to it. Factor in the recent price drop and the coming WiFi net-gaming, and you have no excuse ;^)

    Advance Wars DS, Castlevania, Trauma Center, Phoenix Wright... I play my DS more than I play our Gamecube, PS1, and PC emulator suite combined.
  • Yeah, the DS pwns. But it pwns more if you have friends who have DSes. It's a tough call if you want to buy one though, because they might "SP-ify" the DS sometime in the future. But Mario Kart comes out Monday, a perfect time to go to Gamestop.

    If you don't get Mario Kart the day it comes out you will probably have less fun playing it. It allows for multiplayer across the world and Japanese people have already had weeks of practice.

    The thing was that when the DS came out there weren't a zillion games for it yet, so it was iffy for awhile. But now the great games are coming out with such regularity it's hard to get bored if you have the money to buy new games. But if you're low on dough you can always get a used GBA game you missed like Golden Sun or Mario + Luigi.
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    You have sucked me into your cult of portable gaming. I now own a DS, if only for the potential for net gaming on my Airport network. What kind of game is Advance Wars exactly? Any other suggestions for games?
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  • Advance Wars is a turn based strategy war game.
    Phoenix Wright is a carmen sandiego like lawyer game, it's great.
    Trauma Center is a game where you do surgery on people.
    Mario Kart comes out this Tuesday, it is the first US game that will let you play over the internet.
    Castlevania is Castlevania.
    Kirby is the ultimate stylus game, that game will teach you why the DS rules.

    That list should hold you over for a good long time. I recommend you start reading a video game or nintendo news website at least weekly so that you can keep up with new releases. If you don't get the wi-fi games as soon as they come out it wont be fun for you because you'll only be able to play online against people of vastly greater skill levels.
  • Advance Wars is still my favourite game for the DS. It's a deterministic turn-based strategy game. Ever play Crystal Warriors for the GameGear? Or one of those "Something about the first gulf war" games for the NES/SNES?

    Build tanks and infantry to fight the other guy's tanks and infantry. Build some anti-aircraft guns to hold of his bombers while you build some battleships and aircraft carriers to leverage your own air power. It's turn-based on a grid, and sickeningly well-balanced.
  • Maybe I'll make Advance wars the next game I pick up. I've grabbed Kirby, Castlevania, and Mario Kart is on order. I think that should hold me over for a good while.
  • I've got Castlevania and Kirby from your list Scott, and I've got Mario Kart on order. I guess advance wars will probably be the next purchase, given the amount of recommendations.
  • If you like puzzle games, Polarium is a lot of fun, but I would recommend looking for it used or in a bargain bin or some such. It's mad fun, but not 30 bucks of fun.

    Mario Kart, of course, will probably prove to be the undoing of everyone. I predict much ass-kickery by the DS.

    So yes, decidedly a worthwhile investment.
  • I have Spiderman 2 (got it cheap) Trama Center, Nintendogs and Advanced Wars.

    In reality all I use my DS for currently is playing all the tons of GBA games I missed.

    However Advanced Wars is the Fing bomb.
  • OMG, not only do you mispronounce words, you can't spell them either! Now we get to the root of the problem.

    It's not AdvanceD wars. There is no 'D' at the end. It's just Advance Wars. Get it right.

    Also, it's not Trama Center. Wtf is a trama? It's Trauma Center. You're lucky you typed it wrong here because if you mispronounced trauma as trama someone might have hit you.
  • Wow. Being one who didn't know that Rome happened to occur BEFORE the middle ages, that World War I happened BEFORE the Great Depression, not to mention mispronouncing words like "solder" and "titan," you're not one to talk ;^)
  • I'm sorry, I always call Advance Wars.. Advanced wars. My slang carried over into my post and you know what. Becuase you decided to make a call on my spelling.. I'll misspell something in every post purposely.

    Todays misspelled word: teh

  • teh awesome.
  • notice how a common typo and misspelled word became geek popculture.....

    maybe I am ahead of the curve ^_^
  • I dunno. I'm somewhat happy with mine. Advanced wars is fun to kill time, but after a while, the levels hit a difficult where I stopped really caring to try and beat them. They became "pain-in-the-ass" difficulty, where it's not so hard that you can't beat it if you try, but you just don't feel like putting all that effort into it.

    There hasn't been any other game that really nabbed me....yet.

    The fact that the new Lunar for it appearantly sucks monkey ass broke my heart.
  • Yeah, I wanted that Lunar game...

    Castlevania is fun. Mario Kart is freaking awesome.
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    Nanostray is a fun game if you like shooters

    Nintendogs is alot of fun if you like non-games (Dawn has been attached to it for the last week or so)

    I also got the Mario Kart and it is also lots of fun. (I got to get the wireless)

    I really want to pick up the Court game and Trace Memory. (and Castlevania)
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  • Of all the DS games I very much enjoy Phoenix Wright the most so far. Apparently there are three or four GBA games of Phoenix Wright in Japan. The US version is the first GBA game plus one brand new episode with special DS features. I'd like to get all the existing GBA games ported over. But if I could choose I would rather have a game with four or 5 episodes as good as the special DS episode.
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