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Rym "I didn't have to take any Science in College I got it all done in High School"

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It shows ^_^ haha.. j/k


  • Well, at least Rym knows more about the actual specifics of viral infection than Scott.

    Not that it takes much to do so. :p
  • Heh..

    I took AP Biology back when there were only 5 kingdoms (Monera instead of those two groups of bacteria that I can't spell ;^)) AP Physics C was fun, but I was learning the calculus simultaneously, which made it somewhat more difficult than it should have been. I took stoichiometry and organic chemistry at a local community college.

    I enjoyed reading about biology, but despised the lab work: it was messy, slow, and usually a failure. (All my fruit flies died). I hated chemistry all around: it was like a hacked-together subset of physics, and the labs were messier, slower, and smellier than the bio ones.

    Physics was awesome. It was clean, cold, and analytical. If I followed a procedure carefully, I could easily replicate experiments.

    I'm very glad I didn't have to take any sciences at uni. As much as I enjoyed them, the base classes, at least at RIT, were barely at the level of high school APs. Plus, all of that free time in my schedule allowed me to complete the Professional Technical Communication major on the side. ^_^
  • Well, the non-major base classes were barely at the level of high school AP; the major science courses, even the base ones, were a bit more challenging.

    And you never took GE. That was the most fun I've ever had in a class, despite the workload, and the general insanity it bred.

    I really should record some audio clips explaining some science in better detail, and send it on in. Maybe I can get Lisa to record some even more in-depth stuff or correct me where I'm wrong.
  • We could make it the weekly science minute with Pete/Lisa.
  • Let us never speak of GE ever again Pete. Not the photoshops, maxi preps and especially not the cesium chloride gradients.
  • *feels unloved*
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    *second bases Cremlian*

    The weekly science minute isn't actually a half bad idea. We can get Cremlian in on it too, and have the Pete/Lisa/ScoJo minute, to discuss some various point of science, or to yell about creationists, or to chide Rym and Scott about their lack of science knowledge.

    EDIT: Lisa: To this day, I can still hear you whining "Pete, I'm hungry," over and over and over again.
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  • Pete...

    ...I'm hungry, let's go find Katsu's car.
  • French Fries. That's about all I need to say, I think.
  • I'm thinking of a chipmunk, for some unknown reason.

    OK, I think that's enough inside humor for a public thread. :p
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