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Otakon Ho!



  • This is actually going to be a relatively cool Otakon. Other than Thursday (which has a high of 100 and a "Real Feel" of 112) all the other days of the con are supposed to stay below 90 degrees. This is much cooler than sevral past Otakons during which the temperature kept in the 95-100 degree range throughout the con. The convention center, most of the eateries, and your hotel room all have air conditioning, so other than standing in the registration line, you probably will not be outside except when walking to and from the con, so unless your hotel room is very far away from the con, the color of your clothing matters far less than it would if you were going to an outdoor concert or carnival. Just keep hydrated- all those sodium filled snacks and drinks are quick cheap ways to get some calories, but keep in mind that you will need all the more water because of them!

    See you at Otakon.

    Oh, and I would like to announce that I am now taking requests/orders for costumes for teh cons of 2007. Thanks to my background and education in theatre, I am rather adept at pattern making, designing, and constructing costumes. I have created costumes for people attending Dragoncon in Atlanta, but fell out of it for a couple years. I am excited to get back behind the sewing machine, so please, let me know what you might like.
  • It's times like this it sucks to be a metalhead: I own only dark colors. :p
    I'm sure some nice vender in the dealer room would be willing to help you find a lite colored shirt. :)
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    Hehe. Like Kate said, know what you're going to be doing during the day and dress accordingly. If you get there on Thursday, or Friday morning, and have to stand in line to register or pick up your badge, don't wear anything heavy/dark and don't wear a costume. Save that for the times when you know you'll be inside for a good while. Dress light and get your outside and line-standing things done; then you can always go back to the hotel and change into your dark gear.

    Times you will be outside:

    1. Registration / Prereg badge pickup - Thursday, or whatever time you happen to arrive; the biggest line will most likely be Friday morning or early afternoon. The queue can loop around the sidewalks along the ENTIRE con building, so be ready for alot of sun.
    2. Waiting to get in before the con opens - one year we woke up very early and there was a line forming before they opened the doors for the morning. It's better to just grab hotel breakfast or chill in your room til you know the con is open to minimize your time outdoors.
    3. Walking to and from your hotel - as Kate mentioned, this is really only a factor if your hotel is a couple blocks away.
    4. Walking to and from the First Mariner Arena and the music hall (and waiting to get in) - As Scott corrected me below, the cosplay is at the arena, and the concert is at that music hall. They're not TOO far from the con, but you WILL have to stand in line to get in, because for a concert they'd have to check your bags and things, and people always line up for the masquerade early. The line was *huge* when L'arc played there, so be prepared for an hour of sun (or more) depending on what time it's being held and when you arrive.

    Edit: Corrected post, ty Scott :)
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  • The conert is not at the First Mariner Arena. It is in a music hall located in the Power Plant. You go down the street towards the ESPN and make a left to get there.
  • Okay, my bad. But there will still be a line, I'm certain. Be prepared! >:O!
  • >:O!

    that is a great smiley
  • Yes I am going to Otakon. I kinda have to as I am working...>.> I work Friday and Sunday. Stop by the Tofu Booth to say hullo to me! I will also just be hanging around in general and trying to go to as many music things as possible.
  • All right. I'm shutting down until after Otakon. Don't expect me to post here much if at all for a while. ^_^
  • Let the great geek migration begin!
  • Does anybody know if it's possible to buy a one day pass to Otakon? I would love to attend on Saturday, but that would be the only day I could do so, and I don't think $60 is worth it for one day.
  • You used to be able to buy one-day passes for Otakon, but not anymore. The con is just too big, and it's not worth it to deal with the one day passes. Also, buying a one day pass for Sunday isn't really worth it. The con only lasts half a day on Sunday, not much goes on, except for our panel!
  • It kind of sucks that they moved to the 3 day pass, I understand why, but it really screws you over if you only want to go for a day.
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  • And, Otakon has a gomergate panel this year.

  • "Marginalization of gamers."
    Anyone who can't tell that this is a code phrase for Gamergaters doesn't deserve to be overseeing a panels department at a popular fan convention.
  • Who is the Panels chair these days? I thought better of Jim than this.
  • Also possible that they can tell perfectly well what that phrase means and are just lazy and didn't read the description.
  • Greg said:

    Who is the Panels chair these days? I thought better of Jim than this.

    It wasn't Jim when I was (technically) on the panel staff. There was a sexual harassment issue, the person was removed, and it was all chaos. Then we bailed.

    Never forget: we were never formally kicked off the staff. I'm still a suspended Otakon staff member.

  • If Otakon wasn't dead to me before, it is now.
  • Still waiting for a report about what happened at that panel.
  • The ladyfriend attended Otakon this year, I tried to get her to go there and spy but the timeslot was so abhorrent she decided sleep > spying. I agreed.
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