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Mainstream Comics Blog

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I'm looking to check out blogs on mainstream comics (for example, X-Men, Iron Man, etc.). Any recommendations?


  • Newsarama is pretty much it, yeah?
  • edited May 2009 too. Are you looking for news, or commentary?

    Also, I think we may be reaching the point where it no longer makes sense to call superhero comics "mainstream". Surely manga is more mainstream than superheroes? You still have to go to some creepy dungeon to get superhero comics in most places. And stuff like Bone and Amulet are being pushed hard in schools and libraries. The kids growing up right now, by and large, couldn't care less about superhero comics.
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  • Cool. Thanks! I'm looking for commentary where the users are also actively participating in the commentary. I like getting various opinions.

    I'll check these out. Thanks again!
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