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Swoopo: confirmation of Harlan Ellison's quote on hydrogen and stupidity

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Hi all,

I've been listening to the podcasts and reading the forum for a while and saw this article on Swoopo, which prompted me to post a message. I'd love to hear Rym and Scott discuss Swoopo, which is an "entertainment auction" site that offered, among other things, the PS3 80 GB for $32.25. Before you run over there, there are some snags, with the most important being that you have to pay to make a bid (and you have to buy bids in preset amounts). The second important snag is that each time a bid is made, a certain amount of time is added to the time left to make a bid. That said, a lot of people have commented on Swoopo, with some hilarious comments. One guy warned others to stay away from Swoopo after he has been a bidder for six months. Six months??!! One person noted that the winning bid range for some item is oddly high (from $12 to $243 for a 32GB Ipod Touch), which he thinks suggests that Swoopo may have something to do with the outcome of each auction. Does anyone know of Swoopo and its entertainment auctions?


  • Yes. It's so blatant a scam, we were laughing at work when we found out about it.
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