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I don't know if advertising something is against the rules on this site, but I'll try it anyway. After a couple of weeks of searching for a video streaming site that fits my needs.

As Emily has collectively coined me, the "film student" has taken a step further and will be shooting a film soon. About the project at hand I will only say four things about the project.
  • It has been tentatively given the codename of Project Mercury
  • It is going to be an anthology film
  • I have decided that at least 5 or 6 segments will be present in the final product
  • Each segment will be directed by a different person (one of which will be my own contribution
If anyone wants to see their work in a movie (which I will be publicly pressing and promoting) and wants to get noticed or wishes to collaborate with me on any future projects, just drop me a line at or on my Facebook and we'll see what happens.


  • Cool name.
  • GeoGeo
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    We could also talk about it here as well because I need more people to help me out, mostly cause I'm pretty desperate and since I live in a small town it isn't exactly the best place to find help as it isn't big enough and there aren't enough people who could possibly be interested in doing a film unlike a city setting.
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  • Try to organize people in the more general area around you. You're in New England, right? Are they any colleges around? Check to see if anyone in nearby community colleges and such would be game to drive a half an hour to help you shoot. If you organize like a real film shoot, act the part of the producer, and provide them with dates and times and scripts, you may see your plan bear fruit.
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    Like, you want scripts? I've got a couple, but they're not so good (or they are good, but they are more geared toward animation, and have creatures and stuff.)

    And Viola. Here. Go script shopping. Also, NYU has a script bank, which you can check out. Students put them in so studios and independant film makers can license them. Be careful adapting any literature that isn't in the public domain or Creative Commons, because that involves lots of legal maneuvers. Sometimes just asking works, though. For example, Neal Gaiman sometimes lets young filmmakers adapt his stories for free as long as they ask very nicely.

    Oh, and by the way, if you haven't downloaded Celtx DOWNLOAD it~! It's not just about writing, you can also organize storyboards and put prop/effects/costume lists.
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  • Ahahaha. "Voila!" I am not editing above post because it is stupid-funny.
  • GeoGeo
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    This is an idea that I came up with about 10 months ago, one which I am particularly proud of. I went the whole nine yards with this thing making up a veritable universe about it as well as the entire plot and significant events in it. It's more of a serial than it is a movie, but I'm aiming for something like the Buster Crabbe Buck Rodgers serials back in the early years of the 20th century. It is really freaking long so be prepared for a sit. This can be basically the pilot serial of this whole idea.

    May I present....Press Start.

    Paul Smith is touted as one of the best gamers in his state, going to countless gaming competitions and always coming out on top as the winner. In short Paul is a gaming guru as far as anyone who knows him is concerned. However, something bizarre and awful occurs the day after Paul celebrates his 100th tournament win. All of a sudden, what appears to be rifts appear in the sky and fearsome, pixelated monsters fall out of them and begin to cause destruction. Their goal and target seem to be Paul himself for unknown reasons. Paul attempts to defend himself, but to no avail. All of a sudden, Paul is suddenly teleported to an unknown destination (in pixelated form no less).

    When Paul wakes up, he finds himself in a strange pixelated world before a group of what appear to be rulers or judges of some kind. The leader of these mysterious figures, named "D-Pad", introduces himself and the other figures as the Gods of Gaming, and welcomes Paul to the world of video games, Bittonia! D-Pad apologizes for whisking Paul away, but his help is urgently needed. He tells Paul that the pixelated abominations that he saw on Earth were minions of a cruel and evil overlord of the rival country known as Deletopolis. The overlord in question goes by the moniker of Lord Glittchal. His goal is to overthrow the Gods of Gaming by gaining control of Earth. They need a herald of gaming and protection, and Paul is that very person.

    Paul queries as to why he is needed and not anyone else. D-Pad replies by telling Paul that these events were predicted in a prophecy and that a legendary hero known as "Player One" is meant to save them, and Paul is none other than Player One. They tell Paul that if he should fail or refuse to fight for them, existence will become nothingness. Armed with this information, Paul tells them that he is ready to fight. D-Pad realizes that in his current state he is unprepared to fight, so he gives him a weapon and artifact of great power: The Power Glove! The glove has 22 different powers to choose from, but at the moment only two are available and he'll have to earn the rest by fighting monsters and earning "points" which unlocks more of them. As a sidearm, they give him a legendary weapon known as the "Zapper" which has about 6 different types of shots to choose from. Like the Power Glove, it too has only two powers initially available. While more powers can be unlocked, they unlock at an extremely slow pace. Armed with this stuff, he then teleports back to Earth and begins his adventures!

    So...leave any feedback about this as I want to know what people think of it.
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  • It's an interesting idea, but watch out for the cliche of the "chosen one."
  • Just to warn you, remember the creative mantra of K.I.S.S. for your early film. (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)
    I would suggest planning something between 3-10 minutes (about the time of the average youtube video) and going through all the storyboards and cutting shots and lines you don't absolutely need before you shoot. I've been on weekend long shoots for 8 minute films, and let me tell you, if you actually want to do this the right way and you want to be realistic about it and not go absolutely crazy, you'll keep it really short. Also, this film idea is very effects-heavy. Unless you have an animator or motion graphics person on the line along with your editor, I would stay away from doing any over-the-top live action fantasy (which on a small budget or done by a student often looks cheesy.) Come back with an eight page script set in an environment you are familiar with, something that you know really well. (Write what you know!) It doesn't have to be completely realistic, and it can involve magic and mystery, but it should not have elaborate sets or crazy costumes.

    Yet. Just for now.
  • Or you can take the Sam Raimi route. In his early films he mostly set up silly, obviously fake action sequences that involved fire and/or covering them in goop. Not too far of his later work, really.
    Seriously, though - take Emi's advice. One of the best ways to show your strength as a story teller is to tell a small, simple story in a powerful or engaging way. If you can interest someone in only a few moments - that is success.
  • GeoGeo
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    In keeping with the lack of money and software, I have decided to do an adaptation of a classic short story which will happen around Christmastime. That short story is none other than the classic O.Henry story "The Gift of the Magi". There are virtually no special effects involved and rely only on true acting talent. If anyone knows any actors or actresses who would fit the parts of Jim and Della, please drop me a line, otherwise I'll be going around a couple of colleges looking at acting troupes to see what I can find. In terms of the screenplay, I'm about 2/3 of the way done writing it myself.
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  • Since Churba has some skill in working with film, he and I have decided to team up and pen a story that both he and I think has major potential if pulled off properly. When I told him the idea, he immediately liked it and at some point he and I decided we would have a writing session. This is just a concept at the moment and there is no real plot to this idea yet, because Churba and I will flesh out the story when we write.

    A note before I begin, at this point in time all I can write is heartwrenching and emotional stories that heavily employ love, tragedy, and complex psychological operatives. My reason being that this is all I can write right now and I need to use some of the tough difficulties in my life and use that pressure and put it on film.

    So here is how I described my concept to Churba.

    The tentative title for this idea is called Schoolyard Romance

    It takes place between two kids around the time they are both in 5th and 6th grade and they both fall in love with each other, but it is a very serious and mature love that sends them both down a path which they cannot return. They do things that are considered taboo by most people and don't care what people think. In short I want to employ story elements that have the same kinda feeling that Lolita had, and it will operate on complex psychological levels that could be compared to Hitchcock's underrated film, Marnie.

    Well this is just the concept at the moment but if any of you have any feedback or suggestions on this, put 'em here.
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