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New York Anime Festival '09

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Well the New York Anime Festival happens from September 25-27, 2009 at the Jacob Javitz Center. Who's going and what are you gonna do there?

It should be mentioned that before this occurs, the same people will be holding the NYC Japan Street Fair on August 23 which sounds great. Here is the description that has been given on the Facebook page:

What are you doing Sunday, August 23? Going to NYC's first Japanese Street Fair! The "NYC Japan Fair" runs from 11 AM to 6 PM on Sunday, August 23 from 43rd to 44th Street on Madison Avenue. The Fair’s approximately 40 booths will offer traditional Japanese goods including miso-marinaded beef, roasted mochi, and okonomiyaki, sell Japanese goods including tenugui, anime, and manga, and there'll be ikebana, calligraphy, and martial arts lessons, too.

Well-known Japanese brands including Marukome, Hisamitsu America Inc., Ajinomoto, Otafuku Foods, and Kikkoman will all be participating. In addition, local Japanese restaurants and companies including Café Zaiya, Washoku Café, and Book-Off will be there.

And… Lucky visitors can win round-trip tickets to Japan.

I'll see if I can go to both of these events as they sound like the awesome.


  • Yeah I saw posters for the street fair. I eat at Café Zaiya about half the mornings I go to work. Melon-pan in the morning!
  • Melon-pan in the morning!
    Melon-pan? What might that be?
  • Melon-pan
    That looks exactly like pan dulce. Is it the same thing?
  • Wait, what's all this talk about melon bread?
  • I'll probably be going at least one day with Uncle Yo. I'd rather not get roped into stage managing the cosplay masquerade 1 hour before it starts again. That was less than fun. -_-
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    Melon-pan in the morning!
    Melon-pan? What might that be?
    Melon-shaped sweet bread topped with awesome. I WANT SOME NOW. >:((((
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  • That melon pan looks exactly like the mexican sweet bread pan dulce.
  • Well, the Japan Street Fair occurs this coming Sunday. I will be departing from my suburban shell and will sally forth into the Big Apple once more to partake in the festivities and merriment of this street fair that I presume will be very fun. Because I know there will be many food vendors during the fair, I must confess that I have never had actual sushi before.

    The fucked up thing though is that I live really close to this sushi restaurant that is sorta okay. The reason why I've never had any before despite living near a place where it can be served to me is due to a few reasons. First reason is that I lack monetary currency that can be enough to get much sushi due to the fact that my Payroll has been frozen due to the fact that the television station laid off my employment, but not the right to come and volunteer which I will continue to do even though I am currently looking for a job monies. Another reason is that whenever my family goes (pretty the only time I'll go) we always sit at the hibachi, so I'm relegated to eating what is served at said hibachi.

    I'm going to this fair to try new things and I'm sure I'll like it. I'll try to convince one of my friends to come, and if not I'll just do it alone.
  • So ask the waiter if you can have something from the sushi menu, if it's the same restaurant. What are they going to do, refuse you? You can have sushi while sitting at a hibachi. Sushi's not something you can buy on the street like festival food though.

    So, is anyone else going to this? Me and Natalie will be there tomorrow.
  • I should be there Friday, Saturday and, maybe, Sunday. Hopefully I'll have a chance to hear Tomino again talk Gundam and maybe get something signed.
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    So what's going down here and who is going to see Tomino?!
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  • GeoGeo
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    Who is going to be here and where can we have our traditional FRC Meetup?
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  • Well I have just found the panels and screenings chart for the Anime Festival, so anyone who is going can make up their schedule can now do so.
  • I won't be there for the New York Anime Festival, but I'll be in town Thursday (Sept. 24th) from 12:30 to 2pm, if anyone wants to get lunch somewhere in Manhattan.
  • I wonder if they'll have that cool and insanely overpriced waffle stand there this year...
  • I'll probably swing by after work on Friday to the "Know Your Creators" panel.
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