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20th Century Boys



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    So the Viz Signature release of 20th Century Boys is great and all and I plan to keep buying it, but I simply couldn't stand it anymore and wanted to read it as quickly as possible. Quite a hard task actually with the Publisher Alliance cracking down on aggregator sites. I actually was reading from one aggregator site, bookmarked it where I was, and when I returned two days later to continue they had taken it off.

    Well, anyhow, I'm now halfway through volume 12 and a certain incident that is depicted in Volume 1 is mentioned again. For that reason I took my print copy of Volume 1 to look at it again and I realized something terrible that I had already forgotten because it was rather short (only 3 pages) and I read Vol. 1 more than a year ago at this point. It may be somewhat of a spoiler if you look at it now so be warned if you take a peek. It actually happens in the first chapter.
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