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Episode 40 - Gundam F91 and Akagi

edited January 2006 in Anime
If you're an anime fan you've seen those shows like Hikaru no Go, Initial D, etc. that are all about a single hobby. They have lots of drama, are really shallow and add lots of suspense to hobbies that usually have none. I guess stuff like Iron Chef almost kind of qualifies.

I want to invent a new word for this genre of story. Preferably it would be one of those Japanese combination words. You know when they take two words, shorten them and combine the shortened bits to make a new word.

Even if you are completely lost and have no clue what I'm talking about, help me out.


  • According to "Even a Monkey can Draw Manga" by Koji Aihara and Kentaro Takekuma, those titles are from the "specialized genre". That is a title the focuses or is specialized for that particular subject.
  • Very interesting. How do you say "specialized genre" in Japanese?
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