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20th Century Boys the Movie (Trilogy)

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Just watched the first two movies in this trilogy based on the amazing manga of the same name by Naoki Urasawa of "Monster" and "Pluto" fame (btw, I absolutely LOVED Pluto, even though I've never watched a single episode of Astro Boy! Thank you Rym and Scott!). I have to say I am really impressed with what they've managed to achieve so far. Bearing in mind that the 20th Century Boys manga is pretty damn long and has a shit ton of story and character development I think they managed to capture the spirit behind the manga and most of the important plot points. At times it feels like a light hearted "slice of life" comedy and at others it feels epic and dramatic.

I'm a big fan of the manga and was really entertained by what I've seen so far. Some of the plot in the movies are a little rushed, but I really dig the characters and how similar they look and act to the original manga characters. I'm definitely going to watch the final film in the trilogy and recommend any manga fans to check out the films.


  • I for one am very excited about these movies coming out in English because I love the manga so much. I am uber pissed that I missed the screenings of all three movies at NYAF, but the DVDs will make up for it.
  • Part three didn't get shown at NYAF
    NYAF screening changes
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