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Japanese serial illustrations for young children

edited September 2009 in Manga/Comics
The Mother has made inquiries of myself pertaining to the acquisition of Japanese serial illustrations, the likes of which would be suitable for the right and proper upbringing of small children. While I can recall the works of the respectable children's writer and artist, a Mister Kiyohiko Azuma (Who's works feature, but are not limited to "The Girl of Four Leaves with Accompaniment!" and "It's Mr Azuma's Humorous Illustrations!".), works of a similarly light-hearted suitability escape my immediate recollection.

As this is such the case, I would greatly appreciate it, should the esteemed and assorted members of this fine association be able and forthcoming with suggestions for suitable reading materials.

However, while I appreciate the efforts of the forum in furthering the minds of the young in the realities of the world. I am afraid I must be so brash as to request consideration in the areas of controversial subjects. While this will deprive these growing children of such joys and moral insights as seen in works such as "Shin: A Boy Drawn with Wax Colouring." and "Conan, The Boy Detective." to name a few. I have had it impressed upon me that I should begin by recommending works, fitting and enjoyable for children of a young age, while keeping in mind the somewhat sensationalized attitudes of certain parents and the associations some would attempt to make between the disparate and highly varied genres covered by Japanese serial illustrations.

Please send, by return letter or telegram, the names of such works you would deem fit and appropriate for such a selection, accompanied by reasons you would consider them for the stated criteria in addition to any concerns you would like to voice in regards to their possibly controversial nature.
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