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Fail of your Boo-Yah (and vica-versa)



  • Boo-yah: Have some form of transportation until I can get another car

    Fail: I'm so out of shape now I can barely go a block on a bike before I need to hop off and walk a bit.
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    Got my new video card:

    Ended up being too big for my computer:

    Had to remove the extra fans on my HDs.

    Then I realized I got the wrong display port to DVI (male, not female) adapter.

    However, I borrowed my work at home station one to test it out last night.

    Still a bit concerned that I no longer have the extra fan on my extra HDs.
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  • So my coworker gave me a habanero and I decided to use it in my burrito bowl, except I strangely didn't think that I should just use 1/4 of it and put the whole thing in.. 12 hours of discomfort later... It was pretty tasty though initially..

    Added just a Jalapeno to my bowl today :-p
  • I prefer less habañero to more jalapeño: I enjoy the flavor of the former more.
  • I happened to be in a big electronics store and found myself eyeing the new Canon DSLR cameras. My 60D is almost 7 years old, as I bought it instantly when it came out because I knew it would be the perfect camera for me, both for travel photography and video.

    And today I tried out the 80D, and I felt like an idiot for not realizing how much EVERY PART of the camera has improved with another 7 years of new technology and development. It's an incredible improvement, and even more perfect for me.


    Fail: We moved into a new apartment, and our cellar was broken into. Stolen: two guitars and a camera strobe.

    Boo-yah: just got through the insurance claim.

    It's not enough to cover the new camera, but my girlfriend said she'd put in a bit of money and maybe her parents too, and the new camera can be a Christmas present.
  • Boo-yah; went to an amazing local punk concert my village held. A strange sight to see an audience that is mostly over 60 going ape shit to some of the local kids.

    Fail; fractured my hand and sprained my wrist and finger punching the stage. Also have a wicked bangover.

    Boo-yah; My kotatus is super warm, ready for the -14 winter.
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    Boo-yah: Got a job offer in my current field.

    Fail: The compensation is nowhere near worth the headache of working primarily with an attorney who has massive control issues and "burns through" support staff, to quote the headhunter who communicated the offer.

    Side note: If the headhunter who stands to make money off filling the position feels compelled to warn the candidate of such a situation either the headhunter is the most forthcoming with whom I have ever worked or the attorney in question has a major issue and the firm should evaluate if it is worthwhile to have such a person who is not currently a partner in the business.
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  • Fail: Missed my train, late to class, decided to bail and take a placement test before the testing center closed for the night. To skip Pre-Calc and jump straight into big boy Calculus, I needed an 80. I scored 76.

    Boo-yah: I kinda didn't study for this, and I can take it one more time before they start charging me for it. Guess I have some reading to do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    The student worker told me she scored 50 when she did it, I didn't have the heart to tell her that this was basically the most half-assed effort I could have possibly made.
  • Our cat died :(

    She was 20. Hardly weighed anything any more. Could barely meow. Had a bum leg, but up until this week she was still hunting down mice and birds(!) outside.

    We joked she had kitty dementia, but her powers were fully intact.

    Definitely was a Noncat :)
  • 14 years ago I had a bottom right wisdom tooth removed, and since then the opposite tooth (top right) has been extending down into the gap. My dentist said last year it should be taken out. Yesterday I finally had it out. It only took two minutes, unlike the 45 minutes it took to remove the lower tooth years ago.

    But now I have to learn how to close my mouth again! It's weird! I realize that I'd unconsciously use the extended tooth to rub against the next tooth down to guide my teeth into line. Now it's gone, it feels like I'm wildly aiming my jaws at each other, with no feedback on if they are going to meet perfectly in line until they clash together.

    How can normal chewing and eating and talking be so stressful?
  • Fail: A standard hours 5-day deployment turned into a 14-24 day 12+ schedule.

    Booyah: We discovered Shipley's Donuts.
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