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Artist's Alley at Conventions

edited October 2009 in Conventions
A question for all of you artists: when you have attended Sci-Fi/Anime Cons (although not as Guests) and had to reserve Artist Alley spaces, did you also have to purchase a general convention admission? Or is this very inconsistent between conventions?


  • Typically at anime cons if you get a space in the artist alley you get a pass for the whole weekend. Its also usually a different looking badge then what the general admission badge looks like.
  • Connecticon, Otakon, Anime Boston, Katsucon, and Anime Central require a separate badge purchase.

    I believe NYAF/NYCC include it in the (substantial) table cost.
  • At NYAF it is basically a small version of a dealer's table. At least, it is when you try to register for one.

    Every con I have been to, the AA has not included reg price. You have to buy a badge separately. This is a good option because sometimes people buy a badge for the con and then decide to get a table. It's a pain if you have to try to get a refund and then register your AA table.
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