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  • I think they're just outright in the FRC kindasortamaybe.
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    They are part of the FRC. The Conrad and Yuko in the comic are the same ones that are occasionally mentioned on the show.
    Ananth: Oh man FRC A+++! We used to lurk for a while but now it's once in a
    blue moon, which is too bad ... it's a good community.
    Actually, if you all remember, Johnny wander kinda debuted on this forum/podcast.
    Actually, Emily did a guest comic for them once. Yes, Conrad works at Muse Games.

    Moral of the story? The FRC and FRCF is a small world filled with awesome people.
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  • Yeah, I had always kind of considered Johnny Wander as the unofficial FRC comic.
  • Oh my god this entire place is filled with such awesome people.

    The reason it took me like five years to join the forums was I was intimidated by the idea of interacting with the guys who were basically my heroes.

    Then I come on here and find out that everyone else in the place is also completely awesome.

    Every once in a while I get the feeling that I've snuck into a club that's way too cool for me.
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    The cool thing about this forum is, even if it really is too cool for you (which, believe me, you're fine), pretty much everyone here helps you (in one way or another) to level up and be awesome. Hell, sometimes just being here helps you become awesome.
    Wanna know how I became the host of FNPL? It started with this.
    Another forumite, whose name I can't recall at the moment, now works at Muse Games.

    Basically, this forum is one big Kamina and Simon.
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  • Haha I forgot about Nine's shenanigans back then.

  • Basically, this forum is one big Kamina and Simon.
    This stuck in my head and would not go away until I drew this.

    I don't know how Scott ended up as Simon because they seem to be about exactly the same size in real life. I think that Rym is just slouches less in the videos and it makes him look taller.
  • Close personal friends and crew indeed. We have fond memories of hobo wine, climbing dangerous things, and watching the Transformers movie instead of doing required coursework. ;^)
  • Kiey clearly knows them, considering he's in the above comic going to the movies with them.
    I live with Conrad, so I tend to see them from time to time when we all manage to meet up in the city for something.
  • Well, there you go, Question Answered. My work here is done. AVAUNT!
  • Now myself, Prof. Pangloss, trogdor, Joe Boomer, and others are living up their legacy at RIT.
    Myself with less alcohol and debauchery, mind you, but still.
  • FRC: The Next Generation.
  • Truth.
  • Killing a bottle of vodka with Joe is on my bucket list.
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    Wait wait wait wait the person who does Johnny Wander is on this forum.

    Is that a thing that is true.
    Well, Yuko and Ananth don't visit the forum that much anymore, but Yuko and Rym are old college friends, and they still talk all the time. We hang out from time to time (I am in a Johnny Wander strip in the Background, and I also did a last minute stand in strip about Conrad one time.) Kiey is also a friend of theirs and he used to work at my studio, and Conrad still works there as a programmer. There's a fair amount of crossover between the JW Crew and RITFRC.

    Edit: Augh Vanilla and your posting on other pages! I thought the previous page was the last one. Oh well.
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  • Killing a bottle of vodka with Joe is on my bucket list.
    Don't forget the FRCBC road trip to get some barbecue.
  • I still want to see Churba fight Funfetus.
  • I still want to see Churba fight Funfetus.
    Fuck, I want in on that fight.

  • I don't wanna see anyone fight, I just want us all to hang out, ingest good food and drink, and revel in the good times.
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    You're implying the fighting would not be part of the good times.
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  • "Spar" is the more accurate term. Funfetus said that when Chubs got to the states we could all go over to his house and see them judo chop eachother or whatever.
  • Sparring is cool. We should put them in a strobe light so that it looks all slow-motion and cool.
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    I still want to see Churba fight Funfetus.
    Trust me, I haven't forgotten.
    "Spar" is the more accurate term. Funfetus said that when Chubs got to the states we could all go over to his house and see them judo chop eachother or whatever.
    Exactly, it's not unsolicited or hateful, we just want to mix it up for fun. The terms were a case of whatever chosen beverage for the winner.
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  • Once, while laid off for half a year in the Fall/Winter of 2003, I decided I'd try to make a lightsabre FX video since they were really popular at the time.

    The only thing of any consequence that I managed to produce was an awkward blooper reel...

  • As a teenager, I taught myself how to call like a pigeon. For fun, I decided to do it in my physics class at high school. The teacher ignored it the first few times, but after a while he started moving around the classroom looking for the assumed bird. After that, he stopped class, and made all of us search the room high and low for it. Obviously, nothing turned up, and we all resumed class.

    That's when a pigeon flew through the fucking window, and died on the teacher's desk.

    Pigeons were our de facto example object in physics problems form then on.
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    I was just reminded of a couple of audio stories I recorded a while back. The first one is about adventures, Occupy Charlotte, and a hobo silo. The second one is about a hobo/gypsy Buddhist and the beginning of his path to enlightenment.

    Adventure Time Wednesday by Yossarian.

    Wanted: The Gypsy Wizard by Yossarian.
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    Very weird thing happened to me today, telling it via chatlogs:
    [6:31:52 PM] Me: storytime: so this guy came into the studio I've been interning at today with all these super muffled recordings on his phone that he wanted cleared up
    [6:32:03 PM] Me: apparently he suspected his girlfriend of cheating on him
    [6:33:08 PM] Me: so he "knew a guy who knew a guy" who taught him how to install a thing on her phone that logs all her calls, texts, and can be activated as an audio recorder remotely
    [6:33:26 PM] Me: which seems Very Questionably Legal
    [6:33:42 PM] HachiSanju: definitely 100% illeal
    [6:33:49 PM] HachiSanju: illegal even
    [6:34:13 PM] Me: but he did all this to try and catch his gf and another dude having sex
    [6:34:25 PM] HachiSanju: sounds like android.stels
    [6:34:43 PM] HachiSanju: but thats super fucked up
    [6:35:16 PM] Me: so tl;dr I spent half an hour today listening awkwardly to a muffled recording of a dude's girlfriend giving some other dude a blowjob
    [6:35:32 PM] HachiSanju: wtffffffffffffffffffff
    [6:35:35 PM] Me: while the first dude sat next to me
    [6:36:14 PM] Me: this isn't even the end of the story I guess actually
    [6:36:25 PM] Me: so I finish letting the dude record his tracks into pro tools
    [6:36:29 PM] Me: and he leaves
    [6:36:48 PM] Me: and me and the other intern are talking about how weird that whole thing that just happened was
    [6:36:48 PM] HachiSanju: and then u call up his girlfriend and u totally have sex
    [6:37:25 PM] Me: and my boss goes "yeah I get one of those sort of jobs maybe once or twice a year"
    [6:37:42 PM] Me: so I guess something to look forward to in my future career
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  • I totally didn't say that!
  • I hate you all.
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