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Community: "I'd say the whole word next time." "Jew-y?"



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    Based on the one tiny, subjective, self-reported observational study we do havehave only heard media reports about, all based on a press release from University of California rather than the actual study, it is at least slightly more probably that they, in fact, do not spoil.
    If you're going to talk about how much evidence you have, at least be honest about the quality of it.
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  • I think I was pretty honest. All I'm saying is 0.000001 is > 0. At least be honest that you are the 0.
  • (I knew posting that study would cause hijinks.)
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    I think I was pretty honest. All I'm saying is 0.000001 is > 0. At least be honest that you are the 0.
    That study is essentially zero. It has about as much weight as our personal opinions. And note how you're assuming my position without my saying anything other than "This study is shithouse." Your assumption is wrong.

    Imagine the study as if it was something that disagrees with you, like this - It's about as valid as taking a view of a tiny section of the brony community, and because that section of the brony community says "Yeah, we really like MLP porn", stating that therefore, Bronies all get off on MLP porn.

    Like I said, having standards for evidence: apparently only applies to the other guy.

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  • A lot of bronies do get off on MLP porn. If you took an average, it would be scary.
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    A lot of bronies do get off on MLP porn. If you took an average, it would be scary.
    Not really. Anthro porn based on a popular show is way, way down the low end of my personal scale of "Shit I've observed that gets people off."

    Seriously, man, some of that shit, it's like Vietnam. Just when you think it's left you, you wake up screaming. You don't know, man. YOU WEREN'T THERE HANGING FROM HOOKS IN YOUR BACK, MAN.
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  • "It is clear, to me at least, that the people who care so much about spoilers have not thought about or investigated in any logical or well-reasoned fashion. They just take it as true based on intuitive common-sense. Few people have thought this clever plan through."

    Wow, I'm glad I'm not interested in arguing with Scott, because the way he totally skips past any actual point I made after he asked for it...
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    Today's episode was really good, but what got me at the end was how no matter how bad things are the group will stay together and help each other during hard times. Also, for a moment I really thought that we were on the darkest line. Specially after pizza guy arrived. I mean the writers could have easily wrote a quick scene with Britta and him making out as Troy was doing his final speech, making him go depress about the current situation, but instead he says "Britta, you are not the worst. You are the best!".
    It is amazing how the writers can flip a really mess up situation into a rally heart warming moment.

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  • This shouldn't be the thread to talk about this I haven't even seen Community, but let's roll with it.

    So, spoilers. Luke in Surprise and Shock parts pretty much said the things I think about spoilers, maybe even little bit more. How I see it the most spoilerific things are surprises. Scenes, situations and twists that when first experienced are surprising. I kinda agree with Scott that if a story is such that the big part of enjoyment comes from the surprise, it probably isn't a good story. But looking things at story level takes things too far. Being spoiled a surprising scene might not ruin a story, but it means that you will never be totally surprised by the scene.

    Like if you heard that your friends are arranging a surprise birthday party for you. It wouldn't be a surprise, because you heard about it already, but it could still be best birthday party ever.

    Spoilers rarely "ruin the whole thing", but they take away a part of the experience from experiencing the thing/scene for the first time.
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    Seeing this thread is making me want to talk Community again. I want to see my favorite, the DnD episode.
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  • So how's everybody holding up? The first episode of the new season made me pretty scared and left a weird taste in my mouth. It all felt like the writers were writing what they thought everyone should say, other than it just sounding like the characters were saying things.
    I just watched the second episode, though, and it felt a lot better to me.
  • I really don't know anymore. At this point I feel like I'm in my head and double-doubting everything, over-analyzing the show to see if it feels better or worse without Harmon. The one thing I can say is that all of the drama surrounding this show, it's change in hands, and the constant back-and-forth of "it's cancelled/not cancelled" has put enough of a bad taste in my house that it's affected my enjoyment, and I'm not all that interested in the series anymore.
  • The drama has actually made me appreciate it more. I'm more grateful for what we have, even though IMHO it's not as good as the first two seasons.
  • I'm "cautiously optimistic." More damning words could not be said.
  • I agree that it definitely feels *off*, but in the time between seasons 3 and 4, what with all the drama, I've gotten into a handful of similarly awesome shows - as such, even if Community jumps the shark, I have other shows that can fill the void.

    I mean, new Community episodes air right before Archer, which is off to a phenomenal start with its season 4. So, that's alright.
  • So, now that Season 4 is over (and Dan Harmon is coming back for Season 5), what are people's opinions? I think it's pretty telling that this thread died way the fuck down during the current season. Personally, I thought Season 4 lacked the little one-off jokes and tiny emotional moments that gave the characters depth, and the acting (and situations) came off a little forced (especially Chang). That being said, the last two episodes were the best of the season, almost up to the quality I expect from this show. I hope Season 5 gets back on track (and sheds the dead weight of some characters and actors who aren't very cooperative).
  • I enjoy season 4 Ok, it was nothing like the previous 3 seasons. Which I greatly enjoyed. Right now I am pumped that Dan Harmon is coming back and that most of the original writers are still there.
    However, I am not sure what to expect for season 5. I mean, Community College is suppose to be at least 2 years, 3 at most. However, this show is already going on its 5th season. When are they going to move to a proper university?
    Still, I love Community! :D
  • Forget what I think! Let's see what Dan Harmon thinks.
  • Latest episode bugs me. Not that hard to get rid of a porn filter. Abed could totally do it, especially given that he's supposedly a programmer now.
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    So, season 5 has come to a close, and as with every year, we don't know if the entire show has come to a close either. What are your thoughts on the season finale? Do you think Community has enough material left for six seasons and a movie?
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  • I thought the finale was pretty good. Not the best I've ever seen, but definitely solid. There's definitely enough content to fill another season, and possibly a movie as well.
  • I thought it was a good episode, but not a great finale.

    Abed's joke about the meteor killing everyone if they're not back next year, "And that's canon." is probably my favorite thing, though.
  • After Harmon's ousting, the show lost its sparkle and edge (sparkly edge - shiny and sharp... shiny... sharp... slice... drip). I hoped that he would bring back the je ne sais quoi of the first few seasons. Season 5 dashed those hopes. Not even the delicious John Oliver (shiny and sharp, though he is) could not revive the show. It has a pulse, but not a beat. I can't dance to it. 2 1/2 stars.
  • Come on Netflix, use your magic and cast revive.
  • Glad the drama is over. I stopped at the end of season 3 I think? Just no fun getting jerked around as a fan.
  • Community is coming back!
    On a related note Yahoo has a video service called Yahoo Screen.
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