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Tetsujin 28

edited December 2009 in Anime
I got this series for pretty cheap recently. If you can find it I would really recommend it. I am talking about the re-make from 2004, since it is a little easier for the eyes if you do not like old school character designs. It was directed by the same creator of Giant Robo "The Day the Earth Stood Still". I gotta say that they don't hold any punches when it comes to story telling, just like Giant Robo there is a lot of mystery but they get resolve with each episode. However, the greater mysteries keep coming along episode after episode. My final saying is that if you watch this after Giant Robo you will have a greater appreciation for Giant Robo "The Animation", if it is even possible :P
This series is awesome and I am sad it took me so long to get to watch it.
I also realized that the director for this series has a thing for relationships between parents and sons/ daughters.


  • I finally was able to marathon half of this awesome show while I was putting togethere my Gundam RX-78-2 (Perfect Grade, pictures will come later). If you are a fan of Giant Robo, I would definately will give this a watch. Not only because a bunch (80%) of the characters of this series appear on Giant Robo, but because its story is fantastic in the "Oh, man I saw that one coming miles ago, ... hey what happened here?" way. The ending is not epic as Giant Robo but it has a lot of feeling and, it is kind of do that specially on a 30 min. episode. But I will say that much like classic Doctor Who, this series is divided in arcs, each help identify the characteristics of each character. Suffice to say that Kenji Murasame is here and he is as cool as always, also I understand now why he is called "The Invinsible Kenji Murasame". Hell even the dub is great (and I am not much of a of dub fan).
    Go get this series if you can find it.
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