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Sherlock Holmes: The Movie.



  • Most of the dialogue was weak or uninteresting.
    Dunno, I thought some of the banter between Holmes and Watson had a really good rhythm to it. Some of the character interaction was well done, in my opinion.
  • Sorry to say, I was disappointed in the movie. It was marginal, about a 5 out of 10.
    The audience has no idea what Holmes is thinking about most of the time, and you have no way of being led along with him as he figures things out until the last 15 minutes of the movie.
    Bad edits. How the hell did Mary go from sewer ---> spiral staircase----> giant bridge?
    It was intentional that Holmes was not telling others what he working out. If I recall Watson even mentions this in the film. Even so to say the entire audience was totally lost is bit much and silly. I went with family and friends and they all seem fine in understanding Holmes detective work. I will have to agree on the bad edit. It took me out of the movie to when Mary went from sewer to bridge all of the sudden.
  • I am half and half on the movie, there was some points I really enjoyed and others that were painstaking bad. The best part of the movie was the interaction between Watson and Holmes. The editing of the movie was terrible.. really did we need the scene of Holmes naked with the pillow? Around the middle of the film I got really bored. The movie did not need Holmes' little girlfriend, through I did really enjoyed Watson's fiance. Watson was so much better, Law played irritated loving BFF very well. Robert's breathy english accent was terrible, though his step by step attack scenes awesome.
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