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Welcome...TO THE FUTURE!!!! (happy new year)

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Happy New Years everyone at GMT-5 and East of there (but west of the international dateline).


  • Still an hour here.

  • GMT-8 Represent!
  • GMT -7 I guess I'm here.
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    Yawn, old news - GMT +10. You 2010 newbs.

    Happy new year, everyone!
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  • -8, watching Shaun of the Dead.
  • If it is the Future, where's the howerboards? Other than that this new year and decade feels ok.
  • Happy New Year everyone!
    A couple of more hours for Dr Who awesomeness :D
  • 明けましておめでとう! [and I'm using that as much as possible after having spent five minutes looking up the exact spelling.]
    Writing to friends across the world.
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    Happy New Year!
    And Sonic, you called my parents last night! WTFLOL?
    Bu I appreciate the thought.
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    Happy New Year!
    And Sonic, you called my parents last night! WTFLOL?
    Bu I appreciate the thought.
    It was the weirdest thing. I was out getting a little air, and I decided to call some friends to wish them happy new years. I don't know how but somehow there was a phone number next to your name! So I'm like "alright, maybe she gave it to me at some point? Whatever I'll just leave a message on her voicemail..." Then a guy picked up, and I wasn't sure if it was the right number, but then he wanted to take a message. And then I realized "Oh man, Time zones" and started apologizing for calling at 1 in the morning.

    Sorry! >.< !!!!
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    I rang it in at the best party ever! My BFF Ces threw a great one at her place. Unforntunately I ate like a pig and drank like a lush so I ended up kinda sick half the night. Got better by midnight, but still wonky. I did not lose my streak though!
  • This was probably the most tame and meditative new year I've had since...actually, I think this may be tamer than even my childhood new years. Regardless, the reflection was only punctuated by my battle with a champagne cork. Happy New Year!
  • The highlight of my New Year's Eve party was dancing enthusiastically with an inebriated Italian grandmother to Back in the U.S.S.R. as her grandchildren played it in The Beatles: Rock Band. After that I decided to impress everyone by getting 90% with the drums on expert before most of the people at the party knew I was a drummer (though they seemed far less impressed once they learned this fact). I also gorged myself on hummus, pita chips, and shrimp with cocktail sauce, played a game of Spades that was more about how well we could break each other's concentration with loud noises and progressively dirtier jokes, and generally made a fool of myself along with everyone else. It was a pretty great send-off for a pretty shitty year.
  • I rang in my new year somewhat quietly and contemplatively, going over my old journals from the year, things I've achived, and laying out what I wanted to do next year. I also made some fireworks of a rather decent size and rather ludicrous power, for home-mades.
  • I was in Germany for the coming of the new year, visiting with grandparents.
  • If it is the Future, where's the howerboards?
    They still have 5 years, patience.
  • We have yet to discover life on Europa. This is disappointing.
  • We have yet to discover life on Europa. This is disappointing.
    I was bummed back in 1999/2000 when we failed to excavate a monolith on the Moon. No Discovery, no Alexei Leonov, nothing. Rats.

    Not having a moon base may have something to do with that...
  • Kinda late but I spent this new year's with some old college friends and ended up drinking and chatting until 6am. Pretty good way to start the year, IMO.
  • Time for some Necromancy, just to say Happy New Years from the future. You're all glorious people, and I look forward to sharing 2015 with you all once you catch up to us future people.
  • No, no!

    I will not allow this! I cannot allow this!

    In twelve hours hence, my grand machine will activate, bottling the last gasp of 2014 and stretching it into eternity! My victory will be complete!
  • Happy New Year Mcfly you Bojo
  • Happy new year from Vienna, Austria!

    Juliane and I didn't pace ourselves properly. We spent a really fun 6 hours in the city center, eating and drinking and dancing and all that, but we decided to head back to the apartment where we're staying, have a hot bath and watch fireworks from the comfort of the 6th floor balcony. We didn't even check a clock to see if it was midnight, we just tried to gauge it by volume of fireworks.
  • Happy new year, EST!
  • Happy New Year! It's currently 1:24 AM here in California. Unless we've got members further west, I think that's it!
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    I await your self-tying velcro.
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