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Someone brought up Akagi on the main site, so I started a thread here. Regarding our dislike of the show, I'll summarize our gripes:

It's overdramatic to the point of not being dramatic at all.

It's just like every other show in this "someone is awesome at something" genre.

While there may be other aspects to the show, such as gambling and risk-taking, the show itself spends so much time on the specific mechanics of Mah Jong that it basically becomes -about- Mah Jong.

Mah Jong is a game primarily of luck: there is no skill involved beyond basic statistics and understanding the rules. Watching people play it is about as exciting as watching someone flip a coin.

The dialog is tedious and silly, but not humourous.

There's nowhere for this show to go. They pretty-much played out every scenario that could happen in the game.

I suppose the show could be considered good if you look at it as a parody of Initial D et al, but it really appears to be taking itself seriously.
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