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Fist of the North Star release date/Manly tears

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Manly tears of joy came after reading this :P


  • A thread this joyous needs more Manly Tears.

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    I just hope they get the pricing right. Considering what a long series it is, I would not bring myself to pay more than $30 per box set.
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  • English dub :(
  • English dub :(
    Pretty sure it was just specifying that they weren't making a new dub for it. I don't think it's English only.
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    I have no picture of manly tears, but I will make up for it by crying even more tears of joy. To see why, look at my profile picture. It's Rei.
    EDIT: Found one
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    This is one of the best Shakespeare quotes anyway:

    The pretty and sweet manner of it forced
    Those waters from me which I would have stopp'd;
    But I had not so much of man in me,
    And all my mother came into mine eyes
    And gave me up to tears.
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    It retails for $60, I am pretty sure I can find if for $40 on the interwebs :P
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  • Hundred-Crack Well-Priced Fist of the Box Set.
  • Before Kenshiro, there was Raoh
  • it's on amazon for $52
  • It arrived, my 36 days of manliness will start today.
    Pictures of the quality will come later a long with a quick review.
  • FFS, school! You're gonna deny my Hokuto no Ken?! Really? You are already dead.
    (Link in first post blocked by school filter)
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