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GeekNights 20100303 - Summer Wars



  • Got myself the german special edition DVD box of Summer Wars. Still a fantastic movie and the edition I got came with a bonus DVD and a really high quality, and thick booklet. Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy either bonus material to the full extent. I did look through the booklet though and besides the usual things such as character profiles or creator and voice actor interviews in it, it has two that I thought to be really cool:
    1) A family tree of all the characters in the Jinnouchi Clan
    2) Simplified Hanafuda rules

    I hope the english DVD set (which comes out on the 15th I believe) gets a similar high quality release.
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    My bluray arrived yesterday and I watched it again last night. This movie is so beautiful in hi-def. Anyone who has not seen this should do so.

    The best way to describe this movie is:

    Imagine a world where Nintendo has created the equivalent of our internet. Everything is perfect until one day a hacker wearing an Atlus Persona avatar hacks the network, bringing the world to a standstill. The world's only hope is a young math wiz, his pretend girlfriend, her online fighting champion cousin, and her 90 year old grandmother.
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  • Jeremy reluctantly caved in to my request to watch it tonight. I honestly forgot what people said the movie was about.

    OMG! This movie was awesome. My anime spirit hit over 9000 and had me just pumped throughout the entire movie. It's been a while since an anime has done that for me.

    Is it safe to assume that King Kazuma is an homage of some sort to Terry from King of Fighters? I kept thinking about him everytime King Kazuma was on. I thoroughly enjoyed those fight scenes.

    We watched the dub version and I thought it was very well done. I think I recognize a few of the voices, but I can't put my finger on them.

    I'll definitely have to watch the sub. Oh man, I'm still so pumped as I type this.
  • It really is a good movie, but I didn't know there was a dub. I think I'll watch it sometime.
  • Hosoda's got a new movie coming in 2012. It's called The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki. Judging from the staff, this should be a good one:

    Creator, director, screenwriter: Mamoru Hosoda (The girl who leapt through time, Summer Wars)
    Screenplay: Satoko Okudera (screenplay for The girl who leapt through time, Summer Wars)
    Character design: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (character design for Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL, Summer Wars)
    Animation director: Takaaki Yamashita (key animator for Steam Boy, Tokyo Godfathers, Perfect Blue)
    Art direction: Hiroshi Ohno (Art director for Kiki's Delivery Service)
  • Is it just me or are there a whole lot of Totoro vibes coming off of that teaser?
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