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Comedic Scenes/Routine Ideas for Future Play

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Today at a Drama Club meeting, we are discussing our Spring Production (and sadly the final production of the year). Because we don't usually have enough time to do a play that already exists (despite how much we want to). At this time of the year, we usually do a performance piece usually consisting of various scenes and sketches one after the other, usually revolving around some sort of theme. The theme this year is comedy. The goal is to get a lot of material from various films and comedic routines (respectively) and adapt it for a high-school audience. I've signed on to be the main writer of the script, a researcher of material that can be potentially used, and adapt it all into one cohesive script in one week from now.

Even though my forte is in movies and television, I only know so many funny scenes that can both be funny and make sense out of context. The point is, I need some assistance and I was wondering if one or more of you guys would be interested in giving me a hand or not? If you guys do wish to help me out, either post your ideas here or send me an e-mail (the latter of which is located in my profile) with a scene or skit that you think would be really funny to act out on stage, and I will see if I can fit into the final product. My thanks to you, will be giving you credit in both the final draft and have your name as a contributor in the program (unless you specifically state not to be credited).

There are however a few provisos, a few quid-pro-quos. There cannot be any coarse or salty language (if there is a minimal amount, I can just make a few alterations but that's the line). It cannot revolve around disgusting (scatological or similar bodily functions), sexual, or heavily violent content. Last but not least, It has to make sense out of context and be generally humorous. To give you guys an idea of what I'm searching for, I'm currently busy adapting the "Independent Contractor/Star Wars" scene from Clerks. The content doesn't have to be that high-brow though, because anything is fair game. I would be very much obliged if you guys could lend me a hand here.
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