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We need a thread about Super Robot attacks so I can be an even bigger dork

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Yeah, this is a totally selfish thread. I freaking love Super Robot special attacks. And what can be manlier than something like the Final Dynamic Special?



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    Using Ryuusei is cheating. D: So I'm going to cheat back. GETTAAAAAAHHHHHH SHINE!

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    Ehem. Need I remind you...

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  • How about nice and simple. Form blazing sword!
  • So far this is my favorite Mazinger Z attack!

    Oh man, Imagawa is the man!
  • I do a panel like this with Uncle Yo, good fun is had by all.
  • I do a panel like this with Uncle Yo, good fun is had by all.
    So what's the favorite?

  • Not the best video, but it was the first one I could find and I'm lazy.
  • This video is made of epicness itself!
  • This thread needs more Big O.

    Also, spoiler warning. But I mean, c'mon, it's just a giant robot blowing shit up. How much can it really spoil?
  • Super Robot Wars makes me so sad. Becuase it's NEVER GOING TO GET TRANSLATED. D:
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