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Darwin's Deadly Legacy

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So I was going over the intranet of my old school, and stumbled across this. It's a documentary discussing the horrible applications of Darwin's theory of evolution. There is obviously some bullshit going on here. I want to watch this, but I'm certainly not going to pay for it. There is a preview (in realplayer format) you can watch on their website.

The basic argument here seems to be "this science has to be wrong, because it's been used to justify horrible actions." Unfortunately, I missed my opportunity to watch this on TV, but I'm going to see if I can find a copy somewhere. Just thought some of you might find I'm rather ashamed that people from my former school (and employer) are involved in this crap. I do need to point out that they've already lost the discussion according to Godwin's Law.


  • I think there needs to be an Ann Coulter rule, too - mention her as a credible source on any matter, and you instantly lose the argument.
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    I think there needs to be an Ann Coulter rule, too - mention her as a credible source on any matter, and you instantly lose the argument.
    I second that motion. On a slightly related note: there's a podcast called "Blast the Right" which is basically a liberalist political podcast on
    There's a very funny episode where he proves that Ann Coulter is in fact a sociopath, with much hate for the world. The host obviously reads from a script he prepared which means that the podcast isn't as fluid as it could be, but at least he's well prepared :P
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    This week's The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe podcast covers this. They do a good job of showing what bunk it is.
    Racism existed long before Darwinism. Hitler believed that God made the races inferior/supeior... etc... etc... He never once quoted Darwin.
    There are about three logical fallacies, all of which they cover. It's worth a listen.
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  • The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe is always worth listening to (at least that's been the case for the 5 episodes I've heard). Someone here got me turned on to it, and I'm loving it. The show's pretty dry, but it's very entertaining if you're of the same mindset as the hosts.
  • Darwin gets a bad rap. Hitler was a great believer in Social Darwinism, as was the government of Australia and South Africa. Rwanda got fucked up because of it, but Social Darwinism has almost nothing to do with Darwin. It was an extension of the other theories of 'racial' difference like polygenisis and monogenisis and all sorts of crap. People were looking for a way to classify people (and keep themselves on top) and the used Darwin's basic ideas (which weren't meant to be applied to humans) amongst others and changed them to suit their own ideas. Hitler's favourite Darwinist was Ernst Haeckel. There was also another guy but I can't find the essay I wrote on it so I can't remember his name. Darwin's ideas also weren't that original and many others were writing the same things at the same time.
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