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London MCM Expo

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On the 29th-30th of May there will be the London MCM Expo. While this is a shitty con by Scrym and most American geek-con standards, it is all we have in the little old UK and there are genuinely awesome people who go there and an awesome indie comics isle. So yeah, while this is mostly an industry thing, I think it would be cool to meet any FRCF UK people here. We can totally hangout!


As prior mentioned I need monies to spend on my cosplay outfit and on merch, so I am selling some of my pre-loved video games and manga. At the moment the list stands at:

Bleach (manga volumes 1-14)
Spectrobes (DS game)
Star Fox Command (DS game)
Populios DS (DS game)
Heatseaker (Wii game)
Crackdown (x-Box 360 game)
Red Faction (x-Box 360 game)
Skate (x-Box 360 game)
Operation Flashpoint (x-Box 360 game)

But will shrink and expand with time. If you would like to buy any of the titles, whisper me and we can talk price/shipping stuffs. BTW I live in the UK so US shipping is tricky :/.


  • Not quite all - You also Have thoughtbubble leeds, which is quite decent.
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