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Terry Pratchett's Going Postal (TV)

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Let me start off with saying that I've only read one book by Terry Pratchett. It was "The Wee Free Men", and I enjoyed it. I wanted more.
I'm not a big reader, but I love audio books. My iTunes is filled with Discworld books. I can't get enough!
The Discworld is such an interesting and charming place. Pratchett's sense of humour and storytelling really speaks to me. Especially when it's narrated by such great men as Stephen Briggs. My favourite book is "Going postal" and I was really surprised when I heard that they would make a movie of it.

The story of "Going Postal" is nothing spectacular nor does it cry for a big (or TV-sized) screen adaption. It's a tale of one mans redemption and how a lie can get around the world before the truth can get its boots on. It's about how the con artist Moist von Lipwig gets a second chance. The Patrician of Ankh-Morpork gives him an offer he literally can't refuse. Accept the job as Postmaster and rebuild the postal service or choose death. Moist is man of opportunities, so he starts the task of doing what seems impossible. Rebuilding the postal service so that it can survive in the modern era. The postal service is in great competition with the new form of fast speed messaging, known as Clacks. The Clacks is a network of semaphore towers and can delivery a message much faster than a postman on the ground. Reacher Gilt is the main villain of the story. He acquired the Clacks by using devious methods and he does not want the post office to re-open. In the adaption he is played my David Suchet. It is so refreshing to see him out of the Hercule Poirot role and in a role that is pure evil and greedy. What an actor!
Richard Coyle portrays Moist von Lipwig, he is perfect for the role. Both Colye's and Suchet's portrayal is identical to the ones Stephen Briggs narrated to me.
Overall the casting is great and the adaption stays true to the book.

The Mob with Sky1 has adapted two other Pratchett books. "The Color of Magic" and "The Hogfather", both are really fine movies. So my questions was, can they really fit "Going Postal"'s charm on screen? The result is a 3 hour, two part TV movie that is fun, exciting and intelligent from start to finish. Best adaption they have done! I'm stunned with how much they managed to fit in. As it is with all adaptions they leave something out and change some stuff, but that's how it is. Nothing worth ranting about! Let's just enjoy all the things they did right!
Terry Pratchett is protective of his work. All three adaptions are handled with respect and care. The Mob really knows what they are doing now. Hopefully they will continue the story of Moist in the sequel "Making Money". Whatever The Mob chooses to adapt next I will not doubt them, its all in good hands.

Does anyone here have any opinions or views on this adaption; or Terry Pratchett in general?

I will end this note with links and the extended trailer!

Going Postal on IMDB
The Official Going Postal Sky1 website.


  • Wow, I didn't know this one was out yet. I enjoyed both The Hogfather and The Colour of Magic movie adaptations, so I'm sure I'll enjoy this one.
  • I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this since I knew it had been pushed back, but not when it was supposed to come out now. I think this is the best of them so far. I how squishy the golem costumes were and the band playing to the street theater in the beginning of the second episode is most excellent.
  • My only real complaint about this adaption is the golems. They act so out of character. Especially Mr.Pump. He is more human than he is in the books and acts like Moists friend. Just a tiny issue though. At least they didn't use CGI effects to create them. Would have looked so out of place. They did it the old school way of putting some poor actors in big heavy rubber suits.
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    Going Postal is one of my favourite books of the series and Moist is one of my favourite characters. I'm looking forward to the adaptation.
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  • I own two copies of both movies. One to keep and one to lend out. Everyone who has seen them loves them.

    I remember book fan's complaining that Susan (Death's Granddaughter) wasn't skinny enough for the role.

    I'd like to see Guards! Guards! done next. Carrot is one of my all time favorite characters. Hell they could get Carrot Top to play him. That dude is jacked.
  • And I can give a big FUCK YOU to Murdoc by torrenting his very fine TV show.
  • I have Soul Music, but I've never actually watched it. I should get on that.
  • Shit, this was the first Pratchett book I ever read. I'm glad it's being turned into a movie; I thought Hogfather was rather well done.
    I'd like to see Guards! Guards! done next.
  • OH SHIT that was like the FIRST TP book I read. I haven't even read the thread but I'm soooo excited. It's BBC, right? Oh man oh man, such good characterization of even the most inanimate of objects. I'm excited, I'm pumped, I'm psyched, I'm now going to read the thread.
  • I haveSoul Music, but I've never actually watched it.
    Was that a cartoon or a live-action version? Soul Music was the first TP book I picked up after being introduced to Pratchett's work in Good Omens and I've been a huge fan ever since. I've almost achieved my goal of getting a copy of all of his works in hardback, but some of the earlier books are a beast to find. Back on-topic: I need to get around to actually buying copies of the adaptations of The Colour of Magic and Hogfather.
  • Was that a cartoon or a live-action version?
    It's animated.
  • Was that a cartoon or a live-action version?
    It's animated.
    Cosgrove Hall (makers of the Soul Music animated adaptation) also did one for Wyrd Sisters using a lot of the same voice actors. I really like Christopher Lee for Death's voice.
  • I really like Christopher Lee for Death's voice.
    Christopher Lee's voice is never not good. Ever.
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