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Zenkaikon V: Valley Forge Convention center March 18-20th 2011.

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Just a note that the next Zenkaikon is March 18-20th (we have a MUCH larger space and three days).

If you're interested in running a panel please check out the Panel Registration area (Note: I am the head of panels for Zenkaikon).

Panel registration

We are interested in Gaming and Sci-fi related Panels as we start to branch into those areas.


  • This is the only date on my calendar in 2011. Hope this doesn't interfere with PAX East.
  • Hope this doesn't interfere with PAX East.
    Yea I REALLY REALLY wish they would announce there dates for next year.
  • Well, if PAX East doesn't interfere, we'll be there.
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    PAX East is the week before Zenkaikon this year, so we're going to make it a busy week ^_^
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  • We'll most likely be there. ;^)
  • This time I'm going to make it my duty to go this time. No more school in my goddamn way.
  • Wait, so Zenkaikon skipped 2010?
  • yea we did this to secure a space 3 or 4 times the size.
  • Well, if you want to be technical, it's actually only four months later than last year, not a whole skipped year :)
  • GeoGeo
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    Anything I need to know about it (what kind audience is it geared at, what are the quality of panels, guests, etc)?
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  • We just got our first Japanese band.
  • I have not trekked in the anime convention route, however I might attend this and do a panel submission as well.
  • I have not trekked in the anime convention route, however I might attend this and do a panel submission as well.
    As the head of live programming I can set you up.
  • Just a note, that the panel deadline is coming up soon.

    Rym could you PM me with panels you might want to run? I'll be sure to give you great panel times ^_^
  • Did I already send through the panels I wanna run?

    I know I signed up to guest, but not sure if I submitted panels.
  • Yes, did he send in the panels I wanna co-panel with.
  • So the week after PAXeast is Zenkaikon (March 18-20), out in Valley Forge. (Zenkaikon) It's an small (about 3-5k people) anime/sci-fi/gaming convention. I'm the head of panels and Your mom is the treasurer/Head of Con Operations. If you are looking for a more intimate con going experience, this is a good option plus it tends to have a lot of first year con goers attending. This year we expanded into the actual convention center with three times the space and have two rooms devoted to Board gaming with a gaming library. See the website for more details.

    Uncle Yo:
    Friday 5PM-6PM: Uncle Yo-Stand Up for Geeks
    Saturday 2:15-3:15PM HP Lovecraft-Legacy of Tentacles (with CJ Henderson)
    Saturday 10:30-11:45Pm: Anime One Night Stands

    Geeknights (Rym and Scott)
    Saturday 4:15-5:15PM: Losing Should be Fun
    Saturday 7-8PM: Beyond Naruto
    Sunday 1:45-2:45 Beyond Dungeons and Dragons

    And Possibly Fast Karate for the Gentlemen
    If Dave gets back to me I have a nice time slot open for him 4:45-5:45 on Saturday for a Panel for him if they confirm (otherwise it might be a fill in slot)....
  • wait a minute, who submitted Beyond D&D: Yo or Scrym?
  • wait a minute, who submitted Beyond D&D;: Yo or Scrym?
    You submitted three panels and got them all accepted sooooooo..
  • wait a minute, who submitted Beyond D&D;: Yo or Scrym?
    I completely re-wrote it. This is our test run before its debut at PAX Prime or the Bitch PAX 2012.
  • So Scott Rubin is now the Scott the Bitch and I'm Scott Prime.
  • This is the week after PAX, I normally do not go to non gaming cons, but this tickles my fancy
  • It's a growing anime con run partly by smart FRC types. ;^) It had replaced Katsucon for me by and large.
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    WE will try our best next year to not be the freaking week after PAX... talk about a rough week :-p

    We are nowhere near the cool that Katsucon was in it's glory days, but we are getting there.
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  • Is there a public schedule I could look at about this con with panels and what not?
  • Guests and Featured panels (see Geeknights got mentioned for once :-p)
    Just yesterday I saw someone really familiar when I was walking down into the subway on my way home from work. Just now I realized, I'm 90% sure it was CJ Henderson.
  • Pretty much my whole anime club is going this year so I gave into the peer pressure and decided to go. So I will also be doing the PAX East / Zenkaikon week also. And while I will be going to the "The Wild World of Go Nagai" panel I am a bit sad to see someone got to the topic before I did.
  • Are you in the Philly area? Which Anime club?
  • Network of Reading Otakus

    It's in the greater Philly area in Reading, PA. I'd say a normal meeting has 15-20 people. Though it could also easily be called the Anime and Silly Internet Videos Club. We watch a lot of AMVs and other internet videos, plus just mess around a lot. If you really want to check out an anime club, and are not to afraid to come to Reading, it is totally worth it.
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