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something Rym and Scott would like

edited January 2006 in Anime
Right stuf is selling Cosmo Warrior Zero for dirt cheap. $4 a dvd, 4 dvds in total.

Cosmo Warrior Zero is an anime from the Captain Harlock, Galaxy Express world. Web ads rock sometimes.


  • Dude!

    I never would have noticed that. -buys-
  • XD You're welcome.
  • I owe you one for the tip ;^) I got a copy of Elf Princess Rane too ^_^
  • So, I discovered why Rightstuff has such low prices... They're incompetant. 5 days after placing my order, after repeated screwups, I cancelled it.

    First, they called me twice to "Verify" my credit card number. Then, they call me demanding the "customer service number" for my credit card. (They seem to do CC orders manually...) Finally, they call me back to tell me that they can't verify my address.

    So I call the credit card company on my own, and the address is fine. (Nevermind the fact that this is my sole credit card, and I use it everywhere). Rightstuf calls me back AGAIN, insisting that I gave them the wrong address. I finally just gave up and demanded that they cancel my order.

    I'm not sure what's more frustrating: the fact that they lack the skills to handle a basic credit card order, or the fact that they insisted repeatedly that it was somehow -my- problem.

    So be wary of Rightstuff. They don't have any CC services and thus do everything manually. Low prices or not, they're never getting my business again.
  • I don't recall ever hearing good things about RightStuff...

    However, due to the cheap prices, I also bought some stuff on that discount list, including Cosmo Warrior Zero (I figure at that price why not, I haven't seen it before). That was a couple days ago, we will see if I have the same issues.
  • I did the same; an order for Cosmo Warrior Zero. Paid by debit card. So far, I've had no problems, they haven't called or emailed me with questions, and my account has been charged the appropriate amount. Though since I don't have the DVD's in my hands yet, I can't say for sure that this order has been problem-free.
  • Sorry about that Rym.

    On another note, I'm really glad that my tip off was used by alot of people.

    I missed out on the cosmo warrior deal, but this week I got myself the Kare kano whole series bundle for $40.
  • Yeah.. I really want that Escaflowne box they have. I'm waiting for their customer service rep to respond to my questions.
  • *twitchtwitch* if you get it rip the playstation game scenes for me!!!!
  • Heh heh.. Of course. ^_~

    As much as I dislike them, I might attempt ordering again. It costs me nothing but time and a little frustration if they fail me.
  • My order has now partially shipped, Harlock and a couple other things are backorder, but cosmo is on its way!
  • If you don't want to get it from rightstuf you can get the escaflowne box set for $60 from:

    This place is quality for cheap. I've ordered 3 times and never had a problem. And they never called me about my credit card.
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