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Eureka seven.

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First of all as It may seem that I'm a FAN-boy because the last three topic I done had all been about a certain series. But rest assured than it's not that I watch anime endlessly, I just watch it when I have nothing else to do which is most of the time thanks to a pair of broken legs. (car accident if you did not notice the sudden lack of activity that I had in one point.) Well here I come again with another thought of an anime series.
(By the way, I also play counterstrike, and write articles. [which is my job.] )

This one is obviously of eureka seven, When I put the bootlegged DVD on my player I stayed and watched the first few episodes of what seem like a combination between transformers and Eva. But then as the story got further on I came the realize how good this series was, not just in the plot but in the character and how they (mostly.) behaved human-like.

If I say more I would spoil and I won't until discussion has begun. ;)

EDIT: Yes, I have seen the whole series.


  • I've heard some positive things about this series. If the DVDs are out, maybe we'll Netflix it in a few months.
  • Yay! A fellow E7 fan!

    Like you said, the show starts off a little slow and aimless, but really kicks it up a notch once the audience is comfortable with the whole idea of "Sky-surfing mecha". The thing that set this anime apart from all other "mecha-anime", is that [b] I actually cared about the main characters, Eureka and Renton![/b]. I was ALWAYS rooting for our hero Renton. Despite the obligatory young mecha-pilot whining and "I-don't-want-to-kill-anyone"ing, I still found his personality and his actions to be compelling and entertaining.

    Being a BONES production, you can expect some superb animation (fluid movement and original character designs). A kaleidoscope of colours are used throughout the show and there are no obvious uses of CG (or re-used footage ;) ). Eureka 7 also features a dynamite (Dyno-mite! >.<) soundtrack, with a mix of trance, j-pop and a little j-rock.

    Eureka 7 warranted a running length of 2 seasons (50 episodes) and rightly so. My only gripe is the slightly slow start, but frankly I couldn't care less after watching the whole show and absolutely loving it. One of my favourite new (if not all-time) anime.
  • You have not seen the ending?

    Oh well, that means I can't spoil it.
  • I was wondering, is the english Renton voice the same person as the english Vash the Stampede?
  • Renton's seiyuu sounds alot like naruto's english actor.
  • I've also heard positive things about the series... but beyond the name, I know nothing about the show whatsoever.

    Note: The guy who does Vash is also the guy who is going to be Ichigo in the english dub of Bleach. He was one of the original Power Rangers. /fangirl
  • FYI if you are ever asking questions like "Who was the voice actor in X?" or "Was the voice actor in X the same as the one in Y?" you can find the answers at the anime news network encyclopedia. It's like the wikipedia of anime without so much wikiness.
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    But the robot design still looks a lot like Evangelion's.
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  • But the robot design still looks a lot like evangelion's.
    yeah they do have a certain Evangelion-esque look to them (probably because they sort of look like giant living beings wearing armour like in NGE). Shoji Kawamori is the mechanical designer for Eureka 7. He's probably most famously known for being the mechanical designer in Ghost in the Shell (movie), the Patlabor movies and Macross 7.
  • They ARE living things inside robot suits.
  • yah I know, but I mean that they don't look completely like machines (unlike Gundam and Patlabor). There's something "organic" about the way they move.
  • I know this is an old thread, but I just recently finished the series! I must inform everyone that is aiming to Netflix the DVDs, that they are no longer available. I am unsure of what happened, but they became unavailable when I was on the last DVD. Eureka 7 is a really good series and I love the mech designs. I highly recommend it. As soon as a a box set is available, I am definitely purchasing it.
  • Oh my god, Eureka Seven was amazing. It was a really good show and I can't wait for Bandi to release the whole thing in a single pack in a few years.
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