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Proper Grammar and Spelling



  • Do tell! When were these new writing requirements implemented? I had to take two writing and lit classes and they weresorudimentary.
    Actually it's more of making sure there are writing requirements in classes that don't nessarily have them (like CS and Engineering courses)
  • Well, it didn't work ;^) Not a single person in my senior seminar could write worth a good god damn, and I was even reprimanded by the professor for being overly harsh in my peer criticism.
  • According to one of my lecturers I have a "punchy and allusive" writing style. I believe this is code for good ideas, bad grammar.
  • Mr. Period is the dam that keeps back the floodwaters of stupid.
    I was tickled by this. If ever I were to have a business card, this phrase would adorn it prominently.
  • I find it highly ironic that the posts on this forum seem to have better grammar than most of the doctors I work with. Though my “Proper Grammar Mode” never really clicks on unless it’s for a grade. Since I’m out of school, I am now screwed.
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