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Extra Life

edited October 2010 in Video Games
Hey folks,

So this totally qualifies as spam since I'm not around as much these days, but it's for a genuinely kickass cause. I'm doing the Extra Life charity this weekend, which, if you don't know, is basically the same as a walk or running marathon, except those raising money to end cancer play a whole bunch of Call of Duty instead of exercising.

There's one day left to donate, and if you haven't yet, I'd be super appreciative if you'd sponsor me to end cancer. Proceeds to any participant go to children's hospitals, which is mighty awesome. So yeah, if you'll put up with my spam real quick and can spare some cash, here's my donation page: DONATION PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regardless of your ability to chip in, I'm gonna need some help outside of collecting cash. This is a 24 hour gaming marathon, which means I'm gonna need folks to play games with between single-player runs. If anyone wants to get together on Xbox Live at, er, literally ANY TIME on Saturday, definitely shoot me a note (MitchyD88) and we'll hang out.

Thanks guys!

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