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Scalia, and Thomas.... (SCOTUS)

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These are two Supreme Court Justices who claim to be staunch conservatives, yet they've dissented with what is clearly a states' rights issue. Now Roberts, I expected him to swing whichever way the administration does, but it's inexcusable for the other two.

The promotion of states' rights is one of the cornerstones of the conservative platform: it's an integral part of the ideology and has been (at least nominally) for most of recent American political history.

Personally, I've lost almost all of the respect I used to have for these two justices.


  • I never had any respect for these two. I was holding out hope that Roberts who is supposed to be a strict law type.. would go with this but oh well...

    Republicians should get there act together...
  • Well, a lot of the Republican party today also claim to be conservatives and, well, we know how that goes.

    I would say that I'm shocked but, honestly, this doesn't surprise me at all.

    I think the issue is that "conservative" and "Republican" are still used interchangably, even though the Republican party has very little to do with conservatism anymore. Most likely, Scalia and Thomas MEANT that they're staunch Republicans, and just happened to use "conservative" instead.

    Of course, this is just one issue. If they make a habit of following the party line, then there can be cause for a great deal of rabble.
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