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Nana the anime vs. Nana the movie *SPOILERS*

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I recently purchased (and watched) the Hong Kong edition of the Nana movie on DVD. I have also been watching the anime as new episodes appear on the fan-sub sites.

I would like to know viewers opinions on both.

My opinion is that the movie fails in regards to bringing new people into the series. It focuses about 75% of the story on Nana (the singer) and we only see the other Nana's friends are very brief peripheral characters.

When the scene came up with Nana and Shoji breaking up, I just didn't care. There was next to nothing in the movie about the two of them being an item so it just didn't matter. When I saw that scene on the anime I found it very moving (and yes, I wanted to see Nana leave a big fat imprint on Shoji's face of her ring.)

There were a few minor continuity "changes" in the early part of the movie, but nothing so terrible as to make one scream about them.

I found the movie very different from the anime in that in the anime, you learn that Nana is a very caring person and became the ,sort of, mother figure to her band mates and friends. In the movie you never pick up on that trait and she seems like an angry bitch when her friend shows up with her stuff.

I felt the casting was very good and the actors did a good job of bringing the show to life but... I also think they tried to squeeze too much into the movie and relied heavily on the audience already knowing the story.

PS: Why does the spellchecker have a problem with "anime" ?


  • First off, you gotta put up a spoiler warning for that shit.

    Secondly, I've only seen the anime. I haven't seen the live action movies, the live action TV series or read the manga. I know that the tv series and the manga are very popular, but I'm doing fine with the anime.

    Lastly, the spell checker is indirectly powered by Google.
  • I stopped watching Nana for no reason, I think I left it off at episode 19.
  • Nana is probably my favourite recent show. Alex hasn't seen it, so we've been avoiding watching the most recent episodes.
  • What eppisode is it up to?
  • What eppisode is it up to?
    20 or so?
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