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Lost Phone/Items

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So here's the deal: I was standing at the bus stop as I was on my way home from classes today when I noticed something on a Newspaper Bin. It was a cell-phone (a standard-fare, made for phone calls kind of phone) that someone obviously left behind. The first thing I did was take it to make sure no one would steal it and possibly use it for malicious reasons (such as racking the owner's phone bill or other things of that nature). I looked through their contacts list to see if I could find a contact labeled something like "Home" or "Mom/Dad", but to my surprise I didn't find either. All there are, are just contacts with either no description or no discernible way to find out if they were family, friend, etc. While I have every single intention of returning it to its rightful owner, I'm kinda lost here and was wondering how I should go about this peculiar situation?

EDIT: Also if anyone else comes across lost items and wants to have a discussion about them, I think this would be an ideal place to do so.


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    Call some of the numbers, and ask whose name shows up the person you called's phone. Easy peasy.Hey guys, I'm having trouble tying my shoe laces. Can you help me out? Is it rabbit around the tree and then under the branch, or is it round the tree and over the branch?
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    Phone someone random and ask, you're sure to hit a co-worker or friend sooner or later. Look for people with nicknames.

    @Luke: Ian's shoelace site should have your answers. I reccomend the Over Under lacing method.
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  • What if it's some drug dealer's phone that he ditched on purpose?
  • What if it's some drug dealer's phone that he ditched on purpose?
    Score some free cash/dope?
  • Score some free cash/dope?
    Or a stabbing...
  • What if it's some drug dealer's phone that he ditched on purpose?
    He would've thrown it away better, then.
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    Maybe the phone's location is being traced by the FBI and a trained gunsmsn is now out to assassinate Matt.
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  • Or maybe, someone's trying to re-enact Eden of the East for real.

    Noblesse Oblige. I pray that you continue to be a savior.
  • He would've thrown it away better, then.
    Nobody said he was a particularly smart drug dealer.
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