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I’ll be in New York on Saturday

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TL;DR: I’ll be in New York city on Saturday from 11am to 5pm recommend me something to do. (Preferably something geeky, and non-touristy)

For one of my classes in college we are required to go to three art events over the semester. Early on we were offered a bus trip to New York city to do some of the art museums in New York. After I signed up for this I went on and fulfilled my requirements in other ways. As a result I’ll be taking the bus on Saturday, November 13, 2010.
I am planning on visiting a few of the museums, but I have a short attention span and will move on to other things quickly. I’ve been to New York before and I saw the main touristy things, so I’m looking for more of a locals guide to nifty things in New York.
I’ll be dropped off in Chelsea at 11:00am, and I will be at the Metropolitan Museum at 6:30pm to be picked up for the ride back to DC.


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