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United Quest 2011

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  • The US military plans for all manner of outrageous scenarios on a regular basis. It's a way to keep strategists sharp and have contingency plans that can possibly be useful in the event of crazy bullshit happening. This is nothing new.

    The US produces amazing amounts of food, and further has immense agricultural reserves thanks to subsidized unused arable land. Even in the event of a global economic catastrophe, the internal commerce of the United States is likely strong enough to remain stable through most any scenario. I'm not worried in the least.
    What would you do if the American military was deployed domestically for the purpose of keeping order?
    In the actual event of martial law, I would play it by ear, but it's unlikely that my personal life would change much day-to-day.

    In the event of an actual long-term breakdown in order, I would flee to whatever part of the world remained intact. If there were no such place, I would avoid the masses and fall back to somewhere relatively stable where I could leverage my skills to survive.
  • If the American military were deployed domestically to maintain order, it would mean something catastrophic had occurred. My response would almost certainly be based on the larger situation, not just the institution of martial law.

    If the situation were an "economic meltdown" severe enough to create the kind of disorder that might prompt military response, the deployment of troops would almost certainly be highly selective and focused on specific trouble spots. I don't mean to sound smug or anything, but Seattle is a prosperous, educated city with a well-off populace, a mild climate, and proximity to a lot of resources. I think it's unlikely that troops would be stationed here in any strength, and my life would probably not change a lot, at least not in direct response to military action.

    Now, being a non-essential (science) state employee, I'd probably be one of the first to lose my job in event of a total economic collapse, but that's a different issue.
  • I would personally be very worried if they didn't have a plan for massive economic and societal chaos. Even so I'm not certain that I would be comfortable with soldiers patrolling the streets even just to keep the peace. I think that if the situation ever got bad enough that such a measure would be required, America would be irrevocably changed by the experience, and perhaps not for the better.

    It sure sucks to be the Western Roman Empire.
  • Even so I'm not certain that I would be comfortable with soldiers patrolling the streets even just to keep the peace.
    It's not so fun for the soldiers, either.
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