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Danger Patrol!

Danger Patrol is a 50's-era pulp sci-fi action hero RPG.

The game is in Beta, so the rules aren't completely finished; however, they seem complete enough to play. I've read through the whole thing, and it seems pretty neat!

So, I'ma try this out some time. I figured some of you might also be interested in trying this out. Give it a read and see what you think!


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    I ran a session of this last night.

    Cast of characters:
    Pip Boy, a Ghost Commando
    Agent Raven, an Intrepid Agent
    PSIGAR!, a Psychic Warrior

    Our intrepid heroes - Agent Raven, Pip Boy, and PSIGAR! - were observing the recently-saved Rocket City from the Circumcision Observation Deck of Dick Tower, when suddenly, The Scarlet Kraken burst forth from the East-North-East River!

    "Ha ha! Danger Patrol! You thought you could put me away, but I, The Scarlet Kraken!, have broken free. Now watch as I ruin your precious Rocket City! Of course, if you all just leave Mars forever, nobody will have to get hurt!"

    Egads! Surely such injustice cannot stand! This looks like a job for...the Danger Patrol!

    Leaping into action, PSIGAR! activates his rocket pack and hurtles towards one of the Kraken's two bigass tentacles. "Target the power relay panel underneath the fifth segment!" comes the message from Raven, over the Deluxo-matic 5000 Two-Way Wrist Communicator - now with built-in videoscope!

    PSIGAR!, manifesting his psychokinetic vibro-ethereal axe, slices through the power relay! KABOOM! KAPLOW! KERSPLOSION! The first of two bigass tentacles goes down!


    OK, I don't have the energy to write up the rest of that, but you get the gist. Things get ridiculous:

    -Pip Boy reaches into the depths of hell to summon his Giga Ghost Beam Cannon From Beyond and blasts the ever-living shit out of the Stygian Adepts, an evil cult of entropy-worshipping wizards who were threatening Snowglobe Hospital - where Little Billy (president of the Pip Boy fan club) was being treated for super cancer. The Stygians had previously summoned a bunch of no-good imps (OMG IMPZ!) to wreak havoc. Those were dealt with swiftly.

    -Agent Raven sneaks up on the Kraken, where she is ambushed by a Crimson Republic operative! Sneaky commie bastards! She stands in the waters of the East-North-East River, dodging rocket-powered-mechano-laser-piranha while trying to get a bead on the Kraken and his tentacles. Once he goes down, she takes care of the fire at Snowglobe Hospital.

    -PSIGAR! continues to blow shit up in a ridiculous manner.

    After the action, there were questions to ask - this was the first Interlude: Who let the Kraken out? Where does he get those wonderful toys? What the fuck were the stygians doing here? And who was that Crimson Republic dude?

    Our first Suspense scene answered those questions: The Kraken was loosed by the Crimson Republic agent himself, as part of a ploy to get closer to Agent Raven. Crimson Republic Agent #2 - Rupert Rogue - is evidently infatuated with Raven and wanted to take her back to his Wunderpalace.

    The Kraken got his equipment from the Gnome Contingent of Zedulon Beta. They're galaxy-renowned builders who construct superior technology, and once they take on a contract, they don't stop until the job is done!

    The Stygian Adepts were looking for sacrifices to bring forth some nefarious power. Everyone knows that recovering children are full of positive ju-ju, and sacrificing positive ju-ju is what the Stygian Adepts are all about!

    All in all, it's a solid game. It's definitely a little rough around the edges; the Action mechanics are really the only ones that are fleshed out fully. The Interlude and Suspense scenes are really barely described at all, and there really aren't any examples from which to figure things out. The Help mechanics are very poorly described. The rules themselves are written more narrative-style - as in, they tell you how to play an episode step-by-step, in the order in which you play the episode. I'd much rather have it broken up by gameplay element, have each element described and explained, provide examples of each element, and then have a later chapter about putting the elements together.

    All of that, of course, is going into my feedback to the developer.

    Don't let the critique dissuade you; while the game has issues, it fundamentally works quite well, and it's a lot of goddamn fun!
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  • This game looks ridiculous (in a good way) and entertaining.
  • This game looks ridiculous (in a good way) and entertaining.
    It is definitely ridiculous in a good way. We laughed a lot and free-wheeled a lot of things. I'm bringing it to the New Year's party on Saturday, so maybe we can take a look at it. I can run a quick session of it again; I think it'll run a lot smoother now that I'm more familiar with the system.
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