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Chanbara recommendations

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I watched Bakumatsukikasetsu Iro wa Nihoheto yesterday, and in my urge for more I rewatched Seirei no Moribito today. Probably gonna rewatch Stranger and Goemon too.
Anyway, I'm looking for more similar chanbara series/movies. Can be live action too. Anyone know anything good?


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    Kurosawa, Kurosawa, Kurosawa. Yojimbo, Seven Samurai, Hidden Fortress.

    Beat Takeshi's Zatoichi holds a special place in my heart. I don't know what's more in its favor: that it's awesome, or that it's Beat Motherfucking Takeshi.
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  • Kurosawa has made many many movies. You'll have to be more specific. But I've already seen the three you mention, and many Zatoichi movies. I loved the Beat Takeshi one. I'm yet to see the two newest ones tho', but I plan to in the near future. But the Kurosawa movies aren't really the kind I'm looking for. I was looking for the~ ~newer, more over the top stuff. Which is why I'm asking in the anime section, rather than the movie section.
  • Yojimbo Meets Zatoichi or Zatoichi Meets the One Armed Swordsman would probably scratch your itch. Shogun Assassin gets Lone Wolf and Cub wrong enough that it's hilarious.
  • Seen Zatoichi Meets the One Armed swordsman, gonna check out Youjinbo Meets Zatoichi and Shogun Assassin. But again, I'm not looking for samurai movies. Looking for a new crazy over the top movie or cartoon with a lot of sword fighting.

    On a mostly related note, I picked up a movie titled Azumi today. I have a feeling it'll be crap.
  • Shogun Assassin IS over the top.
    On a mostly related note, I picked up a movie titled Azumi today. I have a feeling it'll be crap.
    You got that right.
  • Shigurui. From the insane man who brought you Apocalypse Zero.
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    Hm... I think I'll have to restructure my request. But I do appreciate the answers so far
    Want chanbara cartoons (or 'light' live action stuff) with sword fights that are newer than the year 2000.

    I've already seen:
    Samurai Champloo - Did not like
    Shigurui - Ok
    Afro Samurai - Did not like
    Stranger - Loved
    Samuai Sentai Shinkenger - Loved
    Garo - Loved
    Bakumatsukikansetsu Iro wa Nihoheto - Loved
    Goemon - Loved
    Zatoichi 2003 - Loved
    Seirei no Moribito - Loved
    Samurai 7 - Liked
    Basilisk - Did not like
    Shinobi - Liked
    Bleach - Did not like
    Peacemaker Kurogane - Did not like
    Kurozuka - Liked
    Claymore - Did not like
    Otogizoushi - Loved
    Le Chevelier D'Eon - Did not like
    Fate/ - Liked
    Karas - Loved it
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  • Sword of the Stranger. Done.
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    4th line. It's just called 'Stranger' outside the US.
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    Okay, you've significantly broadened the scope of what constitutes "chanbara" here. Do you just want insane swordsman shit, or actual hard samurai period pieces?
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  • Samurai Champloo - Did not like
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    Samurai Champloo - Did not like
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  • Why the disliking of the Champloo? Sure, it's not great as Cowboy Bebop, but it was good in it's own way. Plus that soundtrack is the bee's knees.
  • Ah~ After doing some Googling in English, I get where the misunderstanding comes from. I want insane swordsman shit. That's what chanbara actually means. If I wanted samurai movies, I'd say samurai movies. Chanbara is (/was originally) used to refer to movies were the primary focus or draw is sword fights. Onomatopoeia for sword clashing.
  • If you want sword fighting without any actual good movie attached to it, then Princess Blade is where you want to go.
  • Having a good movie attached to it is definitely a plus, but for what I'm looking for now, as long as it isn't absolute shit, I don't really care. So thanks for the recommendation, I'll check out Princess Blade

    Edit: So~ I went to IMDB to check what it's called in my part of the world, and I see a trailer. -Which turned out to be a promo vid about the special features on the DVD. And one of those special features was an interview with Donnie Yen! Is he in the movie or just choreographing? Anyway, I'm definitely watching this.
  • I went to IMDB to check what it's called in my part of the world
    Is he in the movie or just choreographing
    I think you know where you can find this information.
  • x) Silly me.
    Turns out he's the choreographer and one of the stunt men, but doesn't play an actual role.
  • I saw Tokyo Gore Police in the past month or two ... it's got some "insane sword fighting". Insane in that there is a GIMP WITH SWORDS INSTEAD OF ARMS AND LEGS at the very end and the main heroin wields a sword. Not quite like Azumi (which I own, I don't know why!).

    Also I am unsure how chanbara you can think it to be, there are guns not swords, but Sukiyaki Western Django is a weirdly meta remake of Yojimbo and Fistfull of Dollars (By they guy who brought us Ichi the Killer) in that it's a bunch of Japanese actors (and Quentin Tarantino!) speaking English in the american southwest compared to Fistfull of Dollars being a spaghetti western remake of Yojimbo.

    Japanese remake of a Italian/American remake of a Japanese classic

    But that's just how I take it, you could just say it's a Japanese remake of a Japanese classic but then why reference to Spaghetti Westerns in the title?
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