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Are there any decent anime podcasts that are no longer than one hour in duration? Both Anime Pulse and Anime World Order run quite long. I've never been a fan of podcasts that are over one hour - it's just a sign to me that there is way too much talking, and not enough substance.

I'm looking for a podcast that will focus on new releases, including new fansubs. I don't mind some recommendations for older stuff as well. Basically, I don't need a tremendous amount of in-depth discussion. I'm just looking for some decent reviews.


  • There's the weekly anime review podcast. I've never listened to it though.
  • I've just slogged through the first half hour of Anime Pulse. I want to put a bullet through my head. There has been about 5 minutes worth of actual information in that time. WAAAY too much chit chat.
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    Amigofish is supposed to refer you to podcasts you may like based on podcasts you tell it you like.
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    Amigofishis supposed to refer you to podcasts you may like based on podcasts you tell it you like.
    That sounds like a great idea. Also, I agree on Anime Pulse: it bugs me, though I have more of a problem with Otaku Generation for some reason.

    Though I don't regularly listen to it, Ninja Consultants just had a really fun episode on Anime Dating Advice; I need to send it to some friends...
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  • What bothered me about Otaku Generation is that they run their show without any real direction or production. Bits just meld into other bits with no real segues or order, and they linger far too long on fairly unfunny segments (like that god-awful nickname thing) with inane internal chit-chat.

    They really need a producer to keep them in line and someone who knows about audio to help them with their equipment.
  • I've found two podcasts that are pretty good. Anime Today has very good production values, and some interesting stuff. Weekly Anime Review has a host that is obviously reading a script, but it is short and to the point. (A BIG plus with me!)
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    My pet peeve with Otaku Generation is that the podcasters all come from the same fanboy perspective, and can be pretty disparaging. It's like 3 Daryl Surats and lord knows we only need one. AWO does a fair job of balancing fans with different personalities (I love Clarissa) and mixes facts with opinions.

    Also, I think like the third episode I listened to of Otaku Generation spent 20 mins complaining about cosplayers and mentioned rape about 4 times. No thank youuuu.
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