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Episode 45 - Conventions: Part 2

edited January 2006 in Conventions
Alright. Now it's ok to tell convention stories. Jewish Wolfwood anyone?


  • Drama.

    Drama fo yo mama.
  • Shall I post the cosplay fight from last year? Or is that too impolite.

    I'll be taking the names out, if I do.
  • That's the specific drama I was thinking of.

    On non-drama notes, I was weirded out last year when some random fangirl walked up to me while I was sitting down, smiled, gave me a thumbs up, and said, "Promote showering," or something to that effect. To this day, I'm still not entirely sure what the hell that was about; I'm going to say she thought I looked like a smelly fanboy but was pleasantly surprised when I smelled like clean rather than rancid.
  • Hmm.. Regarding the drama specific to Otakon, I'd say hold off on posting it in the forum just yet. Scott and I will probably finish up next week with, aside from our last bits of advice, a discussion of how to avoid drama in general. (Of course, we won't mention names).

    I wouldn't consider it impolite, however, to discuss the issue here, names or no. To me, anything that happens in a public place is subject to public scrutiny. (Just like how, legally, if you're in a public place or a private place that you yourself do not own, anyone is allowed to photograph you and use that photograph in almost any way they choose).
  • Let's make that a separate episode with a geek fable. Use the old stupidity = drama moral.
  • That's a good idea. We'll do it the Thursday after we finish the con thing. Cons are often affected by drama, but drama is not itself caused by cons.
  • How about that time the hugger got passed Katsu and James and still managed to get me? Still very disappointed in Katsu's bodyguard skills (or lack thereof).
  • hehe no no. The one I'm talking about is the one where Dom got assaulted.
  • There was also the time our giant party got busted and we almost got thrown out of the hotel...
  • yea the time Luke, you and I were throwing a DT party and around the time of the party to start we heard a noise outside and there was like 30 or 40 people outside.. so we let them in and in 7 minutes the party was broken up for being too good.. (well at least that's my opinion) ^_^
  • Heh.. I was talking about the time at ACEN when the optometrist next door pulled the fire alarm to stop our party.
  • Damn optometrists, putting a damper on every else's fun with their stupid concerns about things like "noise" and "eyesight." God.
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