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Galaxy Express 999

edited February 2011 in Anime
So I'm watching some Galaxy Express 999, I'm on episode 9 and I find the way the kid and Maetel deal with some of the villains is really weird. They encounter a cyborg woman who traps trains in a gravity well and accelerates time to kill them. She states she has done this 20 times and the 999 crashes into the remains of the train she just destroyed at the beginning of the two part story arch. At the end of the eps when Tetsuro asks Maetel why she wasn't worried about the lady killing him. Maetel says something along the lines of "She was a good person, I knew she would not harm you". No evidence of this is shown anywhere in the eps until the cyborg tells her life story to only Testuro....The lady has killed tons of innocent people but she's considered a "good" person. This show really has a weird moral message... but it is pretty fun.


  • This show really has a weird moral message
    "Weird moral message" is about how I'd sum up most of that show.
  • Weird moral message" is about how I'd sum up most of that show.
    yea, I just got to an eps where at the end Maetel and Tetsuro deem the inhaibitants corrupt (after meeting like 7 of the several million people living on the planet) and it's apparent she causes the planet to blow up after they leave... whhhhaaaaaa? That planet definitely needed a welcoming party to give a better impression :-p
  • Well, remember in episode 4 where they meet Antares the bandit. Testsuro learns the most important lesson of the entire show.

    Space is one dangerous (and cold) mother fucker. If you want to survive in space, you're going to need to shoot people.
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