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Osamu Dezaki Passes Away

edited April 2011 in Anime
Another great creator of anime has been taken from us. He had a long and illustrious career directing Rose of Versailles, Black Jack (the '90s OVA's), and the Aim for the Ace! all of which I love to death. Great creative mind. Sad to see him go, but he left us a large body of work.


  • He must have had sex with Golgo 13. Too soon?

    I kid but this is really saddening. All the greats are dying and soon we'll be left with only shonen fighting shows and moe crap.
  • Lesson to learn here kids. Don't smoke. Way too much smoking going on in Japan.
    It is a dark day for art and everything that stand for awesomenest in the world :(
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