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    Apreche said:

    Saw that drift pass earlier today. I still don't understand how it worked.

    Basically, the guys on the inside hit the brakes to slow for the turn and keep it on the inside, which is normally a sensible move in a close-in corner fight like that where there's little room to maneuver, but our passing chap went wide, braked just enough to tip it in sharper, and throttled his way out of the corner, so that he kept enough momentum to pass them while they were still under braking, and trying to regain the momentum they shed going in.

    It wouldn't work so well on dry asphalt, since it's much grippier and harder to keep momentum in a slide, but it's doable on dirt. Ballsy, but doable.
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  • I think if you're one of the front row drivers and you see a car sideways on the track ahead of you, you might lift off the gas slightly, which gives the drifting driver a bit more room than otherwise. But, um, still not sure myself.
  • Another entry for my new coffee table book, "How to pass when you have giant brass balls".

    Bonus - two wheels in the air on every corner, on a track slightly narrower than your average city street, because it's an average city street, plus a heavy concrete barrier wall.
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