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Epic Con

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Here's another new con that has some interesting ideas, but on the whole sounds lousy.

Epic Con is going to be a travelling tabletop gaming convention run by Cryptozoic (the guys who have the WoW and Penny Arcade game licenses). It's coming to Las Vegas and Philadelphia in 2011, with a much larger 2012 schedule to be announced at Gen Con.

Right now it looks like a dealers room/expo hall area, a small handful of main events, and a lot of open gaming. Here's where it gets weird: no badges, no admission fee. Events will have their own fees, although nothing outside a free-to-enter costume contest has been announced. Also, the tabletop library is $5 to rent a game for 4 hours, with the option to pay for the game at 30% off MSRP and take it home at the end of the con.

Edit: I also forgot to mention that all of the game rental money is getting donated to Child's Play. Are they really going to make up the entire expense of the con through sponsorships, booth sales, and event entry fees?

I just don't see this working. Feels like the Wizard World of gaming.


  • This is very reminds me of what happen at the National Haunters Con where EVERYTHING had a price behind it, however interested enough to keep an eye on it.
  • Events will have their own fees,
    Many smaller gaming cons are like that. I've always hated it.
    Feels like the Wizard World of gaming.
  • Con model aside, since the name Cryptozoic came up, I've recently former a connection with a few of the guys there have an invite to playtest some of their under development games. I'm super pumped about it it. Soon, I shall be playing the Penny Arcade game before any of you, snitches! =D
  • So as crappy as this gaming event looks, it's less than a month away and is less than 2 hours from my house. Sept 29-Oct 2 in Philadelphia. If the dates come up and I have nothing going on, I may give it a try out of morbid curiosity.
  • No fee to enter the costume contest? That should cost the most money....
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