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Scott, what does your company do to necessitate an office in fuck nowhere?

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I mean, what kind of country bumpkins need computer programming?


  • It's cheaper to get office space out there, yet the office is still within a commute of major residential areas. Think of it as mini-outsourcing.
  • They wont tell me the reason they opened this office. At least not in plain English. What it comes down to is that because I'm a programmer it doesn't really matter where I work. The NY office is getting crowded and they need to have warm bodies in this new office. I'm easy to move. And they bribed me with a new car.
  • I maintain that it's a cult.

    Like the cult of Deus in Shadowrun. Some powerful AI needs to recruit programmers to do its bidding.

    Something like that.
  • Its actually and abandoned building and they're going to make you into a slave.
  • I've been to the building. It's not abandoned. There is a lawyer and a guitar guy there. We'll see what it's like to work there in February. Supposedly other people will be in the office by then.
  • A lawyer, a guitar guy, and now a programmer?

    I smell a reality TV show.
  • Does the Guitar guy say "fuck yeah"?
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