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Jamestown: Legend Of The Lost Colony

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It's a Bullet Hell Shmup that came out recently on steam. The setting is Mars in the 17th century, you are a British Redcoat trying to defend the Colony of Jamestown from the Martians and their Spanish Allies while trying to find out what happened to the lost colony of Roanoke.

In my opinion it hits most of the right buttons to make a good shmup, it does not have power ups but you can purchase different kinds of weapons. It also has 4 player local co-op.


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    looking at the video it seems like it was designed to be played Co-op. How is it solo?
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    Normal is easy, Difficult is hard, Legendary is incredibly hard and I have yet to try the hardest difficulty level. I do not know if the difficulty is scaled to the number of players though.

    Oh and one thing I found that people may not like is that to proceed past the 4rd level you must beat all the previous levels on Difficult and to get to the 5th world you must beat all previous levels on Legendary.
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  • I actually play tested this game :D (yay following @IDGAPhilly on twitter) and it is really good. I have played the entire game and beaten it. I call myself an average bullet hell smump player and can easily say that this game is fair until you get into hardcore mode then it becomes insane. However 4 player local co-op is really awesome to do in the game and suprisingly the mouse as a controller works the best.

    In short buy this game, you will not regret it.
  • FrecK! I am stuck on two challenges and beating the final level on divine, the ludge is a lie when they say that is a normal challenge, those double bosses at the end are a pain in the ass. Anyone interested in attempting to run this over Hamachi?
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