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What does your desk look like?



  • Yeah, that's the case. My desk is crap, but I havn't the interest to replace it at the moment. I figured people might be more likely to notice the foot pedals or ancient printer. :P
  • I'm thinking of using all the old monitors and VGA-capable TVs I have lying around to build a functional version of Yosho's command center desk.
  • :-) Do it. And take pictures.
  • I recently got wall hangers for my guitars so I'd have room for a second desk opposite my main one.


    Ideally, I want a desk half that size and the speakers on stands, but this the way it is for now.
  • I need to get good monitor speakers... and a second LCD to replace this CRT on my desk...
  • Just wait until all that stuff I bought arrives. Then I will be undisputed champion of this thread.
  • Where'd you get the picture on the wall?
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    Where'd you get the picture on the wall?
    It's a museum replica I bought when the Japan Society had a wood block print exhibit. It's a depiction of Yoshitsune being attached by the ghosts of the Taira clan. As the story goes, Yoshitsune finally defeated them at sea after many years of warring. Then as he returned home he was caught in a great storm and the ghosts of the defeated Taira arose from the water to sink his ship.

    There are many wood block prints depicting this scene, but I like this one the best. It contains every aspect of Ukiyo-e that I like. The awesome splashy water near the bottom of the boat, just like The Great Wave off Kangawa. It contains freaky supernatural stuff, that being the ghosts. It has an almost AutoCAD-like mechanical representation of the boat, which feels like a precursor to anime mecha design. It contains badass half fictional half historical samurai like Yoshitsune and his right hand man Benkei the warrior monk. Lastly, it has unbelievably vivid colors considering the time period and the age of the print.

    Here are all teh links.
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    That picture is so crooked. Also I have this shirt that has a picture of what I believe is a samurai fighting a tiger. My parents got me the shirt from the Toronto Art Museum and I've been trying to find the actual painting it is from but I can't find it no matter how hard I search the Googles.
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  • That picture is so crooked.
    I already fixed it after seeing in the picture. I think I bumped it while behind the desk arranging the monitors.
  • Aw yeah. Got another monitor from Scott, and now my desk is awesome. Behold, KOMMAND CENTER 2.0!

  • Just moved into a new apartment, and finally got my desk setup.
  • In the process of tidying up my room, I completely re-worked my desk. Now all of my equipment is connected, calibrated, and noise-free.
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    Things to see:
    * Wallet
    * A display box of Magic cards (in the elevated area on the left) and assorted Magic cards and sleeves. I was building a deck earlier.
    * My Philadelphia Flyers Winter Classic hat (obscured by the Magic cards display). I rarely leave my house without it.
    * Pinboard holding a Dropkick Murphys patch (got it from one of their albums), a Marvel tag from a T-shirt, various business cards, and a letter from the local diocese pleading that I don't leave the catholic church (I left anyway)
    * Computer tower with stickers from Rockstar games and EMP (german music merch mailorder shop)
    * compartment right above the tower has a box cutter, lighter, toothpicks, adhesive tape and other assorted crap. The pair of scissors (orange, on the right side of the desk) also usually resides there
    * compartment above that has tissues (on the left) and Nintendo DS games as well as old pay slips on the right (I'm now receiving the pay slips electronically). Also DS charger cable
    * Yellow cardboard sheet over a 1000 piece puzzle of Lunch atop a Skyscraper. Not sure why I bought it or bothered putting it together and now I've been procrastinating gluing it to a different sheet of cardboard for a while now.
    * Gamepad
    * old crappy keyboard next to a Razer Imperator mouse and Razor mousepad. Box of the mouse on the bottom left in front of the tower.
    * Headphones (now on my head)
    * a bunch of external hard drives (I think I got too many)
    * Ikea chair losing its covering
    * blanket (in the foot room). Gives comfort.
    * wastepaper basket and a yellow sack for plastic
    * edge of the couch behind chair looking the other way (bottom right).
    * water bottle. stay hydrated
    * a couple of stickers I'm not sure where to put
    * the red book with the stickers on top of them is a copy of "Remembering the Kanji" which I've been meaning to put away for a while now since I've learned that the book is kind of crap if you actually want to learn japanese, rather than just remember the Kanji
    * glasses cleaner sheets to clean the monitor with

    Stuff obscured:
    * Headphones, keys (behind the Magic display box)
    * Nintendo DS
    * Penny Arcade DLC usb stick
    * flashlight (emergency lighting in case of power outage
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  • That last desk is pretty clean.

    As for most of these battle stations, how do you people survive?

    The 1969 Soviet Missile Bunker desk is badical in the best way!

    I'll get pics tonight this seems like as good a time as any.
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    OK here's my desk as of last night:


    I think there's still a ways to go before it's complete.

    One thing I really ought to do, is to affix a side-table to the desk to cover the top of my Antec case so I can stop worrying about the potential of dropping a drink into the fans. In fact maybe just a general stand or box for the case so it's not sitting directly on the floor wouldn't hurt.

    I may add a long bulletin board along the back wall so I can pin notes and drawings to reference while doing work, and there's room for maybe one art on the wall next to my diploma. I tend to have either a sketchpad or my Macbook Pro on the side desk, which is why I have a second mousepad sitting unused. My laptop is currently setup in my bedroom though.

    I'm thinking of getting a roller mat for my chair, but I actually like the lack of rolling-around I get now, so I may leave it.

    Cable management trays would be welcome, but I havn't figured out exactly how I want to do that or which to get.

    A lof of the paperwork and things on my top shelf are in disorder... about half of it is junk I can discard or store away long-term. The rest are drawings and sketches that really should be in binders or folders or portfolio-type books.

    Lastly a stand for the xbox and a shelf for a game disk sleeve and controller wouldn't hurt. It currently just kinda floats next to my power strips. OH and a nice UPS down there.
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    Completely re-did my desk, added a shelf, RGB under lighting, permanent USB cables for transferring data from cameras, and just overall better cable management.
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